10 tips to get your emails opened and read by your market

Posted: September 7, 2015

360eight mail postYou send out a mail about your business to a potential or existing customer, but how do you ensure that they’ll even open it, let alone read it? Here then are some tips on conversion boosters that really work to get those emails opened.

  1. Ask a question: When you add a question mark to the end of any statement it forces the brain to read the statement as though it were a question. In other words, it engages the reader mentally. It’s a great idea to do this right upfront in the subject line of your email. For example: Do you need to increase profitability?
  2. Create a call-to-action: Call-to-actions can improve your conversions dramatically. ‘Get started…’ ‘How to…’ ‘Improve your…’ are all examples of how to begin your call-to-action.
  3. Less copy, more impact: Write shorter emails to increase the likelihood that email recipients will read your offer before deleting it. Also make sure that you make each word count – be relevant, concise and informative.
  4. Share option: Research shows that emails that include just one social sharing option generated 30% higher click-through rates than emails without any social sharing links. Even if your readers don’t want to take advantage of your email’s offer, they might know a friend who does, so give them the opportunity to share.
  5. Segment your email lists: Apart from annoying email recipients with irrelevant offers, list segmentation lets you provide a more targeted offer, increasing the likelihood your reader will click through.
  6. Offer targeted content: Now that you know to whom you’re sending your email, consider what content they want, and use that for your offer. If your offer speaks to your recipient’s needs, they’ll read your email.
  7. Personalize your emails: You can further target your list and the content in your email by including elements of personalization. This will allow you to provide the most relevant offers due to the targeted nature of your email.
  8. Remove distractions: It’s important to remove distractions from your email template. Don’t include a header that features your website navigation and don’t include multiple offers. Doing so will confuse your reader and creates the impression that your email doesn’t have a specific goal. What one thing do you want the reader to do? If your goal is to get more Facebook fans with your email, then that’s what you should write copy around, and that’s the call-to-action you should highlight in your email.
  9. Create a sense of urgency: Put time limits on your offers. This forces your readers to act quickly.
  10. Be mobile savvy: Make sure your emails are mobile optimized. If you’re not optimizing your emails for mobile, you’re probably missing a huge percentage of your market.

Article published by 360eight.