Artifact’s latest offering on the menu

Posted: November 19, 2013

Artifact is proud to announce the re-launch of Scooters Pizza’s latest menu. The menu, designed with a twist, not only features Scooter’s great festive ‘4For All’ family deal and latest pizza creations, but also a more fun angle to the brand through copy and design.

Bruce Anderson, Creative Director of Artifact, says ‘we are excited to launch the Scooters Pizza 4ForAll deal and 6 new amazing taste sensations with the new menu. We really wanted something that blew the old Scooters Pizza menu out of the water and Artifact has achieved that with a new fold mechanic, clever copy that conveys the brand’s strong points and design that really pops’.

The most delicious part of the menu, of course, is the introduction of the 4ForAll family deal, which gets consumers 4 medium pizzas and a free Coke for just R149.90 and the 6 new exciting pizzas which include the 3 cheese and caramelised onion pizza, Cream cheese, bacon and sweet bell pepper pizza, Bolognaise, banana and chutney pizza, Double rib feast pizza, Club supreme pizza and Cheesy Russian pizza.

Bigger than before, the menu also predominantly displays the Scooters Pizza promise of ‘scorching hot delivery in 39 minutes, or its free’ and additionally offers the consumer great coupons to use on a few of their orders to save a few bucks over the festive season.

Marketing Manager of Scooters Pizza, Sean Lilley, has also only had positive things to say about the new menu; ‘Scooters Pizza welcomes the new engaging creative direction on customer facing material, and look forward to more great work’, once again showcasing Artifact’s flexibility and expertise across all channels to guide effective strategic and creative solutions.

Find the new menu in Scooters Pizza joints countrywide!