Assegai Awards new judging process

Posted: October 2, 2014

Pointing to winners: Judging for the 2014 Assegai Awards begins

The DMASA’s Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards are designed to enable South Africa’s direct marketing industry to showcase how marketers can do business in a responsible and meaningful way. These awards adhere to the principles by which the Assegais evaluate each entry: ROI, strategy and, last but not least, creativity.

The first stage of judging happened this Tuesday, 30 September. The panel consisted of approximately 40 experienced industry representatives who sat down to critically evaluate all the work submitted. The venue was the new Standard Bank corporate offices in Rosebank, which received a five-star preliminary design rating by the Green Building Council of South Africa. The second stage of the judging will take place on Tuesday, 07 October, when the top performing chosen campaigns will be looked at by the panel. The depth and experience of the panel will ensure that the standards of the Assegai Awards remain a priority while allowing for work to be seriously assessed and appraised.

The DMASA’s Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards continue to celebrate the incredible talent of our local industry and we are looking forward to receive entries that have a unique voice; that generate far higher levels of genuine action and response; campaigns that highlight new trends while being engaging and cleverly executed.  At the DMASA, our focus remains to facilitate understanding and professional development opportunities in the industry. The Assegai Awards remain an important part of delivering on this mandate.

Save the Date:  The Assegai Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday, 06 November, hosted at The Museum of African Design, Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg.