Blast Brand Catalysts designs a new world for Bidvest Bank

Posted: June 10, 2013

Foreign exchange specialists, Bidvest Bank, continue to see significant interest and growth in proprietary product, the World Currency CardTM. The growing popularity of the World Currency CardTM amongst business as well as leisure travellers, together with the intention of rolling it out in 18 major currencies by end July 2013, necessitated a fresh look at the design appeal of the card.

Currency cards, including Bidvest Bank’s, tended to reflect only the currency denomination. Understanding that foreign travel is an exciting, major event for most travellers, Blast Brand Catalysts took the opportunity to reflect the same, international allure. Each currency card reflects a visitor’s or tourist’s associative image with the destination.

The World Currency CardTM is issued in dedicated currencies, offering convenient access to your money, with secure transit and purchase protection. Purchases made at VISA paypoints incur no fee. Withdrawals from any VISA ATM worldwide are considerably cheaper. A fixed exchange rate also prohibits any travel budget surprises.

Strategically, the new generation design needed to balance excitement and convenience with transit safety, budget control and transaction security. It needed to be ‘serious fun’. With the cards being reloadable for further trips abroad, the design also required longevity.

Says Bidvest Bank Marketing Head, Jodi Raviv, “International travel is about new discoveries and new experiences. It’s the thrill of a destination. The last thing you want to worry about is your money. That’s exactly what we wanted to reflect in the World Currency CardTM.”

Each currency needed differentiation while still being consistently branded. The juxtaposition of the exciting destination visual on the left with the businesslike black and grey blocking on the right plays into the trust-factor positioning of the bank – “Your money, our business”.

The launch campaign for the new design was also cleverly pre-conceived, showing the representative visual on the card in situ with the actual destination. Adds Raviv, “You may be landing in a foreign country, but there’s a sense of comfort knowing that you already have your money sorted.” The campaign resonated well, particularly with the introduction of middle-eastern and Asian currencies.

The Indian Rupee and Chinese Yuan cards are especially popular with expats.

New World Currency CardTM destinations will give South African travellers an ever broader range of dedicated currency cards to choose from. It’s the era of the designer card carrying traveller.

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