Blast Brand Catalysts puts some green into CTM

Posted: July 30, 2013

Some of us care about the earth. Others wouldn’t know what on earth you’re on about.

South Africa’s leading tile, sanitaryware and décor brand, CTM, recently tasked agency, Blast Brand Catalysts, with greening their brand. The agency’s approach was to inform and educate.

Strategically, CTM has an advantage on the eco front, as their product is manufactured predominantly in South Africa. So customers would be purchasing far less carbon footprint than the Chinese imports of competitors. But does the market really care?

Says Yolanda Tomlinson, Chief Marketing Officer for CTM, “Our customers buy on trend and style, as well as price. Having eco friendly products, and telling the eco story, might not be a key product sell in itself, but it certainly aids in the purchase decision. CTM moves and engages with the times. Having an eco friendly offering in your brand is no longer a choice. It’s a responsibility, not just to the environment, but to the customer’s right to choose.”

Angelo Beck, Creative Director at BlastBC notes that “the issue of wasting, or using excessive, energy is extremely negative, if not complex for the everyday customer to get their heads around. We needed to put this across as positively and accessibly as possible.”

Simple icons depicting environmental benefits were used to merchandise the eco-offering. Applying the CTM corporate identity to a green, instead of the well-established red, contrasted to have the message stand out. The CTM positioning of “Big savings. More style.” also played well into “saving big” on the environment. The use of the frog device ‘put a face’ on the CTM eco-campaign, an important part of always extending the CTM brand with an engaging ‘smile’.

Strategically, the eco-campaign was launched as part of the latest CTM national sale. The outtake was yet another value-add that CTM consistently delivers.

ECO-TILE in situ ECO-TOILETS in situ

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