Blast Brand Catalysts uses sales strategy to empower the Italtile customer

Posted: October 17, 2013

Italtile stocks trendy ceramic tiles and bathroomware from a range of leading designers. In 2010, this premium retailer embarked on a revolutionary brand strategy, with the aim of broadening their market while still sustaining their exclusive appeal. From the outset, Blast Brand Catalysts identified the showroom as the primary communication medium for the revamped Italtile identity.

With well-trained, knowledgeable sales consultants on the floor, a one-on-one engagement is usually the best way to reveal both the quality of the product and the value on display. However, it also means that the customers’ shopping experience is more passive – similar to a gallery viewing. Blast Brand Catalysts identified that Italtile’s new sales strategy needed to not only focus on the product’s visual appeal, but required sales tools to ‘unpack’ the value of a premium price. The pricing, while purposefully displayed in postage-sized labels, also felt too discreet and intimidatingly exclusive.

Browsing customers needed to be more empowered with design and manufacturing information. They also needed to be entertained when they were shopping so that the experience was not merely informative, but fun, too. Blast Brand Catalysts solved this by creating unique Italtile “silent salesmen” or “showroom talkers”.

Commanding prominent positions on the showroom floor, these showroom talkers list the features and benefits of a specific product or range, and convey vital sales information graphically and conceptually in a light-hearted and engaging Italtile ‘voice’. In this way designer exclusivity has been demystified in order to reach a broader shopping audience, and many consumers are now benefiting from this new sales strategy by shopping with greater confidence for that special designer look.

Navigating the Italtile showroom has not only become more intuitive, but also more entertaining and adventurous, encouraging customers to discover more about the brand and its broad product offering. Importantly, a readily accessible retail playground has been created without compromising Italtile’s premium brand strategy. The customer is significantly more empowered to compare products, making purchasing decisions more comfortable and engaging.

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