Digital opens the door for content marketing

Posted: May 16, 2016
More and more brands are getting into content marketing and those that are already onto it are doing more and spending more. Digital opens the door, says Neal Farrell, Narrative’s CEO, but quality and relevance are key.

Content marketing in a nutshell

Posted: January 25, 2016
South Africa’s first comprehensive guide to Content Marketing brings you the What, Why and How. Thought leadership articles describe the state of content marketing in a global environment and offer advice to on what tactics to use and how to ensure your content achieves that all-important reward: return on investment.

5 New Year's resolutions every content marketer should make

Posted: January 25, 2016
Happy 2016! To a new year and a fresh start. While we’re making personal resolutions on diets, habits and goals for the year, it’s opportune to make some on content marketing.

Narrative wins the top two spots for digital publications

Posted: October 13, 2015
The hotly contested trophy for the Best Digital Publication in the SA Publication Forum Awards was won by specialist content marketer Narrative, for Jeep digital magazine.

Driving a deeper connection with customers through content marketing

Narrative is a full-service content agency offering brands the opportunity to own their own media assets. Our deep digital roots give us the edge in digital content marketing and ensure we have the ability to offer true multi-platform competencies to our clients. As a business we are guided by a strong focus on measuring our clients’ return on investment and a keen interest in ensuring our content strategies meet and achieve return on our clients objectives.

At Narrative we’re storytellers. We love the power of stories. We enjoy watching them tantalise and tease, inform and influence, educate and entertain. And as marketing experts we know how stories can have a powerful effect on customers. They can bring them closer to brands, change perceptions entirely; stories can influence consumer decisions and ultimately change behaviour.

That’s the beautiful thing about what we do: we tell great stories and then we set them free across multiple publishing platforms to work their magic for your brand.NARRATIVE_MARK-LIVES_280x600