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Vodacom Summer Blitz ‘Nice’, ‘Twice’

‘If it’s nice, then you get it twice’ is Vodacom’s mantra for its 2012 summer blitz which will doubleTalk, SMS & Internet purchases made during 1 Nov – 14 Dec. The promotion also offers double your million with Vodacom Millionaires, double deals and double entertainment.

While remaining true to the company’s over-arching promise of ‘Power to You’, the promotion is a major component of Vodacom’s intention to give customers more this summer.

Most Astounding Sight Of 2012? Rugger Buggers In Pink

One of the most astounding campaigns of 2012 has to be the Bulls’ ’Get Your Pink On’, a campaign that demonstrated how a questionable change can be turned into good fortune with just a little lateral thinking.

Hellocomputer scoops 10 accolades at the 2012 Bookmarks Awards.

Hellocomputer, one of South Africa’s most celebrated digital marketing agencies, performed impressively at the 2012 Bookmark Awards.

The agency was awarded with a total of 10 accolades across a variety of categories demonstrating its ability to deliver results-orientated creativity.

The death of TV advertising would be good for ad agencies

For at least half a decade, the demise of the traditional TV industry has been predicted. Much like newspapers before them, the changing face of technology and on-demand content is stealing eyes away from their traditional channels and the advertising that funds them.

The print industry ignored this for a decade – one of booming success – but these were death throes, and they eventually collapsed. At the moment, TV is facing all the same warning signs; the same audience moving to consuming their entertainment through different media – online, on-demand and recorded on PVRs. And just like print before it, TV is going to have to eventually deal with their share of media spend shrinking dramatically.

Cheeky Hilux Ad Gets Cheekier

The cheeky television commercial featuring the suburban miss who takes on a tougher personality when she uses her husband’s Hilux to go shopping just got cheekier with a brand new edit to highlight Toyota’s participation in the 2013 Dakar Rally.

Draftfcb Cape Town Highlights Engen’s Positive Impact On Our World

Engen’s Chemicals and Special Products division has highlighted the positive impact it has on our world in a simple yet extremely elegant activation from Draftfcb Cape Town that broke early in October this year.

Fresh Living team takes two awards at the Annual Galliova Awards

It’s no surprise that the John Brown Media team behind South Africa’s favourite food magazine, Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living, received top results at the annual Galliova Awards on the 19th of October – with talented foodies Justine Drake and Anke Roux being recognised for their outstanding work.

Hellocomputer, Draftfcb Launch Hack-a-Thon To Boost Industry Creativity

To encourage and showcase a pioneering spirit in creativity and innovation Draftfcb and Hellocomputer are hosting a 48-hour hack-a-thon.

Draftfcb Cape Town Drives TV Game Show For Engen

Adding a different spin to the many ‘win a car’ promotions currently being offered by brands and retail outlets, Draftfcb Cape Town has developed a television game show to attract shoppers to the QuickShops located on Engen forecourts countrywide.

Rewarding Social Media Engagement for Red Heart Rum

Hellocomputer, one of South Africa’s leading full service digital agencies and now part of the Draftfcb group, recently rolled out a new social media campaign for Red Heart Rum that harnesses the cool and trendy positioning of Café Racer styled motorcycles, made famous by legendary celebrities such as James Dean.

LG Electronics “Washing Tunnel”

To demonstrate an under counter washing machine’s unique capabilities and capacity LG and Y&R decided to take advantage of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. LG’s 11kg steel washer was built in front of the player’s tunnels during the international sports event of Super Rugby.Players would run out onto the field clean, play the heavy dirt duty sport, go back into the washing machine tunnel during half time, talk strategy, change into clean kits, and when the second half resumed they came back out of the washing machine tunnel clean.

Ad Agency of the Future by Y&R SA CEO Andrew Welch

As I stare at my laptop, idle index fingers poised over a lifeless keyboard, I can’t help but think that punching out another pronouncement on our glass-half-full golden future or glass-half-empty inevitable demise is going to do little to keep anyone reading beyond this. Though I can’t guarantee the golden future bit, I can offer a few simple truths I believe will shape success, all the while avoiding the predictably glib outcries of “it’s all about digital, viral, guerilla, mobile, word of mouth, social… ”

Virgin Atlantic Airways “Luggage Tags”

How do you let people know that Virgin Atlantic is the most affordable way to travel to London when you have little budget to reach them?

Land Rover “Night Eyes”

Lion Bush Baby Buffalo The Land Rover Defender Night Eyes campaign, cleverly weaves the identity of the rugged Defender and its fabled career in the African wild into a series of visually stunning photos. Each image captures the nocturnal activities of a group of animals in their natural habitat using night vision. The bright eyes […]

Olmeca Tequila Social Media Success With Hellocomputer

Olmeca Tequila has broken a Pernod Ricard social media record with assistance from leading digital agency, Hellocomputer.

The brand, owned by the global drinks business, became the first owned by Pernod Ricard to smash the 10 000 fan mark in South Africa thanks to the Steve Aoki Tour Facebook campaign devised by Hellocomputer’s social media management skills.

Johannesburg Zoo “Night Tours”

Aries Leo Scorpio Our print campaign promoting the night tours of the nocturnal animals at the Johannesburg Zoo. Created by Chief Creative Officer – Graham Lang, Executive Creative Director – Rui Alves, Art Director – Cameron Billing, Illustrator – Cameron Billing, Art Buyer – Katherine Legg, and Account Manager – Riaan Koster.

Trust in How

By Y&R SA CEO: Andrew Welch In media interviews it is often said that the question most feared by the unsuspecting interviewee is the simple ‘Why?’ Beneath its benign and familiar surface, lies a probe so searching and a trap so open, that even the most rehearsed response is unable to withstand such limitless scrutiny. […]

Toyota Tells Consumers To ‘Go Play’

Toyota Senior Manager for Marketing Communications and Planning, Pieter Klerck, briefed Draftfcb Johannesburg to develop a campaign that showcased the new car’s road-holding capabilities and dynamic abilities.

Hellocomputer charges ahead with Social Media

Hellocomputer, one of South Africa’s leading full service digital agencies, has recently secured a number of local and African brand accounts of Pernod Ricard. The accounts awarded to Hellocomputer consist of Red Heart Rum, Olmeca Tequila, The Glenlivet and Havana Club in South Africa and Jameson Irish Whiskey, Absolut Vodka and Chivas Regal in East Africa.

2012 Pendoring Winners: Digital drought broken, Ogilvy walks away with Prestige Award

After reaching the depths of despondency over the lack of digital entries, Pendoring judges and entrants are equally delighted that the digital drought has finally been broken this year.

The Pendoring Advertising Awards not only received excellent digital entries this year, but to boot, Ogilvy Johannesburg’s ingenious campaign MK is… walked off with the highest Pendoring accolade, the Pendoring Prestige Award. Special mention was made of the excellence in the digital mixed media campaign.

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