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Blast Brand Catalysts designs a new world for Bidvest Bank

Foreign exchange specialists, Bidvest Bank, continue to see significant interest and growth in proprietary product, the World Currency Card. The growing popularity of the World Currency Card amongst business as well as leisure travellers, together with the intention of rolling it out in 18 major currencies by end July 2013, necessitated a fresh look at the design appeal of the card.

Delicious Gets The Good In

This superbly art directed print ad for Vital Health’s Kids’ A-Z Vitamins from Draftfcb Cape Town quickly reminds parents of one of the timeless truths of child-rearing – sometimes moms and dads have to resort to Trojan trickery to ensure their little ones do what’s good for them.

Booze Brands Snooze, Lose

Despite the size and power of the giants of the liquor industry – Smirnoff, Absolut, Heineken, Budweiser, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal to name a few – a global study identifying the world’s most culturally relevant brands shows that they might be under more pressure than we think, and up against some serious challenges to remain culturally relevant in the years ahead.

Cultural Traction™ 2013, compiled by brand development and marketing insight consultancy, Added Value, highlights that, between them, this collection of alcohol giants scored some of the lowest VIBE scores of the study.

Toyota Land Cruiser TVC Gives New Meaning To ‘Out To Lunch’

The new television commercial from Draftfcb for Toyota Land Cruiser is full of the steep climbs, heart-stopping declines and torturous turns you’d expect from an ad demonstrating the off-road capabilities of a luxury 4×4 but it’s the unexpected twist in its tail that nails home the joy of driving such a vehicle.

Our indicators on the road to success

This year marks a historical first for the Pendoring Advertising Awards: there will be two panels of judges to determine the most creative and outstanding advertising work in South Africa. This mammoth task will fall on the shoulders of 18 giants in the advertising world, and one very successful and internationally proclaimed creative. The names of the judges for this year’s awards have just been announced, and Sue Anderson (Co-Executive Creative Director of Crispen, Porter and Bogusky in Los Angeles, in the US) will head both panels as the international judge.

Y&R’s XtraSpace Clutter Commercial

Y&R Johannesburg has just finished the production of a commercial for a self-storage company, XtraSpace.

A young woman, relaxing in her home late at night, is disturbed by a loud sound outside her house. Someone is trying to break into her home. She flees, trying to find a hiding space, but her house is too packed with clutter, and eventually she just gives up and hides behind the curtain.

Hellocomputer driving innovation with Olmeca Tequila

Olmeca Tequila, along with its digital agency Hellocomputer, is once again driving online innovation with its latest campaign, the Olmeca Tequila Ibiza Nights Challenge.

The brief to the agency was to conceptualise and develop a digital campaign that would see a handful of lucky South African consumers winning an once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience in the party capital of the world, Ibiza.

1886 – Soars From the Nest

Draftfcb’s fledgling hotshop, 1886, has soared from the nest to pick up an estimated billings of nearly R100-million in its first year of business, a feat that earned it the Specialist Agency of the Year title at AdReview last week (May 23, 2013).

Technology: Is the Next Big Thing already here?

A global study identifying the world’s most culturally relevant brands lists six technology brands in the top 10 after polling more than 62 000 respondents in 10 countries during the latter quarter of last year.

Leading the Cultural Traction™ 2013 list, compiled by brand development and marketing insight consultancy, Added Value, is Google. Also featured in the Top 10 on a global basis are Apple (2nd), Samsung (3rd), IKEA (4th), Microsoft (5th), Sony (6th), BMW (7th), Audi (8th), Coca-Cola (9th) and eBay (10th).

Does ‘going viral’ impact the bottom line?

by Chris Primos. Viral is magical. Viral spells supersonic awareness. One minute you’re a brand, and the next, you’re an über brand with universal appeal. You’ve achieved the ultimate: a self-perpetuating marketing campaign. But does this ultimately translate into higher sales?

Added Value Names World’s Most Culturally Relevant Brands

Brand development and marketing insight consultancy, Added Value, has named the world’s most culturally relevant brands after polling more than 62 000 respondents in 10 countries during the latter quarter of last year in its Cultural Traction™ 2013 report.

Leading the list is Google. Also featured on Added Value’s Top 10 on a global basis are Apple (2nd), Samsung (3rd), IKEA (4th), Microsoft (5th), Sony (6th), BMW (7th), Audi (8th), Coca-Cola (9th) and eBay (10th).

Y&R Celebrates its 90th anniversary

May 23, 2013: Ninety years after John Orr Young and Raymond Rubicam opened up Y&R with a single client, the agency is celebrating its 90th year in business as one of the world’s largest, iconic and most dynamic advertising agencies.

Blast Brand Catalysts on the money for Bidvest Bank

Bidvest Bank dispenses with peripheries to concentrate on the most important thing in banking – your money. The retail banking experience, however, was not quite fulfilling the image. Blast Brand Catalysts, partnering with commercial interior experts Blacksmith, set about developing the new generation branch for Bidvest Bank.

Ride The Crest Of a Trend, Be Dumped By A Fad

Everyone – from Adelaide to Hong Kong, Istanbul to Stockholm, Tallahassee to Zürich – is dancing gangnam style. A handful of brands have embraced the music track, or its dance moves, in a bid to capitalise on the instant recognition they spark in consumers of all ages, and from all cultures.

Draftfcb Social Marketing Reaps Rewards For Operation Khanyisa

Operation Khanyisa, a national partnership initiative aiming to mobilise all sectors of South African society to stand for legal, safe and efficient power use, and stop electricity theft, is reaping awards worldwide with the assistance of Draftfcb Social Marketing. On the back of winning Best Poster Presentation at the Global Social Marketing Conference in Canada […]

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) designs Pure Beer Society venues for Windhoek

The Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town)’s design team has developed the look and feel for beer brand Windhoek’s Pure Beer Society venues – existing venues, re-launched with handcrafted furniture and fittings made from materials specifically selected for authenticity and quality.

Megatrends impacting South African Consumer Behaviour in 2013

Brand development and marketing insight consultancy, Added Value, annually produces a report intended to assist its clients take a more future focussed approach to their brand strategy and positioning by tracking the evolution of culture.

NetFlorist Adds Another Arrow To Quiver – Daily News Service

NetFlorist, South Africa’s leading flower and gifting service founded 14 years ago in 1999, has added another arrow to its quiver with the launch of a daily news service called #haroldsnews. Or has it? The answer, given by a grinning Netflorist Managing Director, Ryan Bacher, is ‘yes and no’. ‘Yes, Netflorist is providing followers on […]

‘Team Ah Yeah!’ Wins First Hellocomputer/Draftfcb Hack-a-Thon Of 2013

‘Team Ah Yeah!’ has won the first Hellocomputer/Draftfcb Hack-a-Thon of 2013 in a challenged dubbed ‘Hack4Kids’. Briefed to meld tech and creative to engage children between the ages of 4 and 10, participants and their creations were judged by Danette Breitenbach (Advantage), Fran Luckin (Ogilvy), Brent Singer (Network), Brett Morris (Draftfcb), Theo Ferreira (Aqua) and […]

Blast Brand Catalysts creates a fresh new look for Italtile

A brand that has been around for over 40 years will follow a responsible transition in its evolution. Italtile embarked on a bold transformation with Blast Brand Catalysts.

When new directorship took over in 2008, the money crunch crisis had well and truly bitten. These are not generally the loveliest times for italtile 2retail. Italtile, operating in a slightly more well-heeled market, weathered the storm better than most. Construction and renovation had slowed and budgets were under severe pressure. But for those who appreciate a premium quality product, there is value for money in buying up rather than down.

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