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aaa welcomes a new chairperson

Taking over from Nkwenkwe Nkomo is Marella O’Reilly who has been a member of the aaa Board for a number of years.

#Budget2016 from a marketing and communications perspective

It is just a few days since Minister of Finance, Mr Pravin Gordhan delivered his annual budget speech and whilst the South African economy is currently experiencing challenges, there is some good news.

Creative content that comes alive

When it came to creating our annual calendar, we looked beyond the ordinary. We wanted something interactive, visually appealing, useful and a window on our exciting new OmniChannel offering.

Kyle Lewis short film for Riky Rick selected as Shots’ HotShot

Arcade Content’s Kyle Lewis directed Exodus, a nine-minute short film showcasing five tracks from South African rapper Riky Rick’s gold-selling debut album, Family Values.

Finding the best agency-fit with the ACA Agency Locator

South Africa’s recognised industry body for the advertising and communications sector, the ACA (Association for Communications and Advertising South Africa) launched an online tool that will change the way marketers search for agencies, saving them time and money in the process.

Are your brands media assets secure?

Are your brands media assets secure? Our Managing Director, Mike Smit, explains why they should be.

What about why?

As adults, many of us have lost the ability to ask why and in doing so, compromise our curiosity. The danger in doing this is that we miss out on learning and insight. By being curious we can learn and gather more information, which leads to greater knowledge and understanding. The benefits of this are invaluable in life and in business.

Ground-breaking BBBEE deal for Africa’s oldest communications group

FCB Africa has concluded a BBBEE deal that it believes will have a profoundly positive influence on young black women as well as a major impact on South Africa’s economy in the years ahead.

Arcade up for five video Bookmarks

Arcade Content directors have five nominations in the Branded Content and Online Video Production categories at the 2016 Bookmarks, South Africa’s premier digital awards.

A look at who’s new in the Mortimer Harvey family

Mortimer Harvey has welcomed some new talent into the MH stable. These appointments were strategically planned to help nurture and grow the business in its expansion into a fully-fledged OmniChannel agency.

Icon status: How those at the top of the heap are doing it, and how start-ups are tackling it

What makes a brand iconic? Is there a magic formula that is true across countries and across categories – and if so, how can the magic be bottled? Brand and marketing consultancy, Added Value, looks at the defining characteristics of iconic brands and highlights some stand-out examples of iconic activity.

South African artist Brenton Brown nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award

Cape Town born and raised singer/songwriter Brenton Brown has been nominated for a 2016 Grammy Award in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song category for his song Soul on Fire

Why personalising audiences increases profitability

By the end of 2016, global IP traffic will pass the zettabyte threshold, equating to more than 80 exabytes per month – nearly one billion gigabytes. For advertisers and publishers alike, the struggle to direct content to the right eyes and ears is real.

Effective Measure publisher profile – February 2016

Marc du Plessis is commercial director at Spark Media, which is a fusion of Habari Media and NAB, a division of Caxton Publishers.

South Africa Online – January 2016

Monthly IAB infographic.

aaa Johannesburg campus extends registrations to 15th Feb

The aaa in Johannesburg is still open for registration for its degree programs and invites those who dream of a career in marketing, advertising and communications to register until 15 February 2016.

Top 5 tips to reach iconicity

What makes a brand iconic? Is there a magic formula that is true across countries and across categories – and if so, how can the magic be bottled? Added Value’s Mélanie Bonnet and Caroline Sarkis look at the defining characteristics of iconic brands and highlight five tips to help your brand reach iconicity.

FCB Cape Town & Hellocomputer give Cancer Association of South Africa ‘balls’

There are certain things men don’t like to talk about: Their favourite team losing, when they last cried during a movie, and their balls.

The future of marketing in 2016: Hot trends and what to watch

Each day, Winnifred Knight sent hundreds of trend reports from around the world and, to save you the trouble of reading them all yourself, she’s put together a list of trends that she is tracking and monitoring throughout 2016.

Three steps to iconicity

Many brands aspire to becoming iconic. However, simply creating and designing amazing products is not enough by itself to achieve this. This is the view of brand and marketing consultancy Added Value’s Mélanie Bonnet, and Caroline Sarkis.

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