Download these budget-saving apps

Posted: July 13, 2015
Save money, budget for upcoming expenses and manage your cashflow like a pro. You can use these apps to turn your mobile device into a personal finance advisor that’ll help you identify where and when you overspend and how 720x509you start saving the smart way.

HomeBudget (with sync): Simple and easy-to-use, it syncs across all your devices and has sharing capabilities with others in your household if so required. You can set goals over many different time periods which is great if you want to track per week or even per day. It also includes a search function so that you can refer back to old expenses.

PocketMoney: With PocketMoney you enter your data manually to keep up with your deposits and withdrawals, as well as other fees and expenses. It can store thousands of transactions and can be customized with dozens of included icons to differentiate various accounts and expenses.

iXpenseIt: A practical and useful iPhone app if you either want to just track your expenses on-the-go or want to practice constraint. It allows a user to track monthly and daily spending, breaking items down into categories, as well as allowing the user to see overall spending. iXpenseit is a full featured program. If you want a detailed breakdown of where your money goes each month, this is the app for you.

Account Tracker: Account Tracker can handle multiple bank accounts at once, and the interface is extremely tidy. You can add payments to pre-defined categories and delivers many great functions not only to keep your finances in check, but also to help you be more stringent with your spending.

Balance: Balance does a very good job at tracking your cash ebb and flow. Whether that’s monitoring your pocket change, PayPal account, or checking or savings account, as long as you are sure to add each transaction in a timely manner, you’ll always know how much you do or don’t have. The addition of a few features and smoothing a couple of interface hiccups will polish this app to a high sheen.

Article published by 360eight