Get your Facebook social media groove on

Posted: April 11, 2016

FB apps blogHaving a web and social media presence is one thing. Syncing and integrating them to reach your customers is another thing altogether. So how do you go about maximizing your social media awareness and impact? Here are a few tried-and-tested tips to get you started.

Shop App. If you run any type of ecommerce it’s essential to integrate your store into your Facebook page now. As the world’s number 1 social media site, your products or services should be instantly available on Facebook for your customers to make quick and easy purchase decisions.

Connect with your other social media platforms. There are a wide variety of social media friendly apps and plug-ins that can help assist you in converting Facebook fans to fans on your other social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Linked-In. Woobox is an excellent source to find these third-party tools.

Review App. There are a number of apps and plug-ins available that help your customers to leave reviews on your service. Reviews are a powerful way to showcase service excellence, which in return yields new customers.

Special offers and coupons. Creating coupons and special offers on Facebook has been proven to draw customers and has an incredibly high response success rate. Creating these offers is easy and can be done simply via your Facebook status bar. The most successful coupons and offers are those that carry a time constraint, for example: ‘claim your R100-00 voucher between 10.00am and 11.00am tomorrow.’

Email capture form. Capturing a database of client information is essential. You’re able to integrate a form in your Facebook apps sections and collect emails for your database. This helps you target your audience more accurately in the future via newsletters, special offers and freebies.

Post scheduling. Post scheduling allows you to send out regular posts at different times of the day when you’re audience is most likely to be online. It also allows you to free up more time to concentrate on running your businesses top priorities.

Call back/Contact form. In today’s competitive world, it’s absolutely imperative that you respond quickly to your customer and that they in turn are able to communicate with you instantly. Improve your customer service by ensuring your audience can communicate with you via a contact form for queries on your Facebook page.

Live video streaming. Facebook is continually innovating and improving their overall offering. Live video streaming is the latest product to be released from the Facebook stable and is an excellent way to communicate live with your audience. It’s perfect for product demonstrations, launches new services, question and answer discussions and more.

Integrating Facebook into your business offering has never been easier or more effective. We hope these tips will start your business on the road to greater online awareness thanks to the global reach and power of Facebook.

Published by 360eight.