Giving Brazilians a taste of true South African adventure

Posted: February 18, 2015

Digital agency Fogg has released its latest case study about a campaign to boost Brazilian tourism to South Africa.

Brazil and South Africa are linked by the phenomenal experience of having hosted the two previous FIFA Soccer World Cup tournaments. They are both colourful nations with wonderful weather and vibrant, enthusiastic citizens. However, most Brazilians think that a holiday in South Africa is about one thing, safaris.

Digital agency Fogg was given the task of creating a campaign to show potential Brazilian tourists just how much South Africa has to offer its visitors.

Fogg focused its online campaign on giving users a first-hand experience of travelling in South Africa. The agency created a microsite that tracked the adventures of a celebrity Brazilian couple, as they travelled through South Africa.

Users were encouraged by the couple to select their next experience as they journeyed. It was a choose-your-own-adventure interactive video that had strong visuals and that made the users feel as though they were part of the action.


Fogg also created a game on the microsite where users were able to choose different types of activities that they would do in South Africa. They were then given a traveller profile of cultural, adventurous, nightlife or luxurious and they were linked to their Facebook friends who had similar profiles. Friends were then also given a personalised travel package according to their selections, giving them a good sense of what their travel experience in South Africa would be like.


The response to the campaign was excellent, with the site having over 35 000 engaged users in three months, each of whom spent an average of seven minutes exploring the site.

Over 1000 users played the game, which had a completion rate of 90%, giving Fogg and their client a rich view of the type of potential Brazilian traveller and their interests.

The success of the campaign has given Fogg’s client an excellent understanding of the opportunities available to market travel to South Africa to Brazilians and will boost the perception of the country’s beauty and available adventures.