MemeJobs ramps up operations due to increased demand

Posted: September 12, 2013

MemeJobs, a job site that serves the digital and startup community in South Africa, has recently announced it will be ramping up its operations to meet growing demand from a growing digital industry.

For the past three years, MemeJobs has been establishing itself a quality, niche source for high caliber digital job positions and candidates within the digital space, and has proven a useful resource for a number of digital advertising agencies,  digital media, start-up and telecoms companies in South Africa. The site tends to attract more entrepreneurial job candidates that are vested in their work and who don’t “care about 9-5”.

Cindy Cundell, previously with Mail & Guardian and BizCommunity, has joined the Burn Media team as head of jobs to further grow the site, with a strong social strategy, and a few more innovations on the cards. We will be putting more emphasis on a social recruitment strategy, using channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook,” says Cundell, “to better find, and engage with top talent.”

MemeJobs has announced that it will be focusing more on customer service and expanding its current offering. It also has hinted towards a rebranding and a ‘Courses and Education’ section.

“A big part of the whole recruitment process is education. Due to the digital industry’s notoriously high skill demand, job hunters are realizing the benefits of having formal skills, and we want to make sure that we can cater for those individuals”, Cundell continued,”We are also going to be paying more attention to the needs of some of the bigger corporates and are looking at adopting functionality to make their process a little easier.”

Burn Media commercial manager, Kyle Hauptfleisch says that online job recruitment these days is not about quantity, but about quality. “In this age of information overload, with so many platforms competing for our attention — companies don’t want to sift through hundreds of CVs of unsuitable or average candidates. Companies want a smaller, but focused and targeted, selection of CVs. This is what MemeJobs delivers,” says Hauptfleisch.


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