My design methodology — Tahier Variawa

Posted: March 15, 2016

Over the years I have come to develop my own methodology when it comes to design. Of course, every piece of work is different, but I have found that there are some general principles that I keep in mind each time I work my way through a new project.

Design Methodology

1. Empathy

One of the first steps for any design project should be identifying with the target audience and spending some time understanding where they are coming from. We all relate to the world by pulling from common references. Understanding others by how they relate to these common references is the success behind great design.

This unspoken language is the basis of powerful communication and, internally, this helps build belief structures within creative teams. All of this helps align ideas and facilitate strong teamwork.

2. Distill its message

Ok, I know what I want you to feel, so now what?

Remove the layers. Find the simplest expression or thought of what you would like to communicate.

3. Explore

Expression comes in various shapes and forms, but we often get trapped in our own common references of what works. Spending time researching and exploring reveals thought patterns and relationships that make things work better.

4. Create a relationship

Relationships are entertaining. The brain is looking for patterns constantly.

5. Explore some more

Exploration is the luxury every designer deserves. Spend time researching, and exploring even more.

6. Be consistent

Consistency is a demonstration of intelligence and consideration. Consideration builds trust.

7. Add value.

Add an element of surprise. It’s the unexpected that makes something stand apart and that makes someone remember it.

8. Share.

Tahier Variawa is head of conceptual design for RADAR which is really an excuse to think about everything and anything. RADAR is a before the line, beyond the line, outside the line kind of agency, which is why he likes it.