Narrative gets top honours for digital publications

Posted: October 1, 2014

Start-up content marketers Narrative scooped the trophy for Best Digital Publication among its 9 awards across multiple categories and publications at the 2014 SA Publication Forum Awards, proving their mettle against the bigger, more established guns.

In the mere 18 months of its existence, Narrative has been pushing the envelope in digital publications and the creativity and strategic thinking around content is paying off: Jeep magazine led the pack and Stodels magazine, also a Narrative publication, was second-runner up.

“This is how an electronic publication should work,” the judges said of Jeep magazine. “It clearly uses technology to provide what regular print media cannot. The combination of traditional and new media make for a very successful publication.”

Narrative's digital magazine for Jeep won Best Digital Publication in the 2014 SA Publication Forum Awards.

Narrative’s digital magazine for Jeep won Best Digital Publication in the 2014 SA Publication Forum Awards.

“We’re firm believers in the power and future of digital magazines,” said Narrative’s Content Director Robyn Daly. “They offer readers an enhanced, interactive and deep-dive experience of the content and, by association, of the brand. In turn, brands have a bespoke platform to communicate with customers and prospective customers, deepening the relationship and loyalty, while precise and in-depth metrics provide a measurement of ROI.”

Used strategically, digital publications have the power to significantly grow a brand’s customer database, which is what we’ve done with Jeep and Stodels magazine,” says Narrative CEO, Neal Farrell.

“Reader feedback on our digital publications has been enthusiastic: the customers love them and want to receive them even more frequently,” adds Daly. “These wonderful results from the SA Publication Forum Awards confirm what customers have been saying all along.”

Narrative’s print clients also featured prominently in the 2014 awards. Among them was Reality, published on behalf of Sanlam’s Lifestyle and Rewards Programme. Reality scooped 7 awards, including wins for Best Writing, Best Headlines and Excellence in Writing. The magazine was also second runner up in Best External Magazine and third in the overall category of Best Corporate Publication 2014.










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Robyn DalyRobyn Daly is the content director for Narrative, a specialist content marketing media company.

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