RADAR creates corporate gift for TOTAL Aviation that brings to life their love for flying

Posted: September 14, 2015

RADAR recently worked on an innovative corporate gift to bring to life TOTAL Aviation’s love for flying.

TOTAL Aviation loves to fly and loves to keep its clients flying as well. It deals with both the commercial and private aviation industry. TOTAL Aviation provides its clients with the perfect fuel or lubricant for their aircrafts. The agency was asked to keep TOTAL Aviation top-of-mind by giving clients a gift/direct mail that would get them excited about flying again.

The agency knew we would have to tap into the very heart of what it means to fly. They needed to start at the beginning. But how do you take a client back to the moment it all started? That moment they first picked up an object, threw it towards the sky and watched it fly. That moment that ignited their passion for all things aviation.

You give them that moment back by creating an experience that excites them, is interactive, and reignites their love for flying. Introducing the ‘You Love to Fly notebook’. Starting with a Moleskin and its famous elastic band, RADAR used them to create a landing strip and launch mechanism, amidst the backdrop of some of the world’s most interesting runways.

Every detail was considered in bringing a ‘love for flying’ back. The packaging of silver foil hinted at what was inside. The agency designed the cover of the new notebook to feel lighter and airier. Research then began on the runways we would choose and we ended up with three key factors:

Remote – Ayers Rocks, Australia
Impossible – Courchevel Airport, France
Beautiful  – Seychelles International Airport, Mehe Island

The agency created a balsa wood plane insert; instructions made assembly easy. The balsa wood plane could now click into the notebook strap, be pulled back and launched around the office.

But RADAR couldn’t stop there. The delivery to a few elite clients had to match this experience. So they sent them the notebook by drone… right to their front doors.

The result?  An innovative solution to bring a love for flying back, with a brand relevance that speaks to the heart of TOTAL Aviation: we love to fly and we love to keep you flying.


Executive Creative Director: Tricia Snowball
Creative Director: Alistair Kruger
Designer: Tahier Variawa
Art Director: Mlibo Bashe
Writer: Alistair Kruger, David Jennions
Production: Jared Gordon