RADAR creates tax free store installation for Nedgroup Investments

Posted: May 5, 2016

RADAR has created a series of breath-taking installations that have been popping up in shopping malls across the country this past month. The installations, created for Nedgroup Investments, bring to life the concept of the number zero, as a way of showing the benefits of tax-free savings.

“People already know what tax free means, the hard sell had already been done,” explained David Jennions Creative Director at RADAR. “So we wanted to be more interesting and create something that made people stop and look. We wanted to create an ad that is not an ad.”

Radar NedGroup Investments

The installations are rolling out in two phases, the first being the “Display Window” – a 4D stand made up to show a shop front displaying items with huge price tags displaying what is saved when items are not taxed.

The second phase builds on this with a pop-up fake store installation, stacked full of real merchandise hidden amongst life-sized black and white illustrations of items for sale. Promo girls dressed in stylised flight attendants add to the known understanding of duty free shopping.

The entire installation offers a surreal and crazy shopping experience where the real and the imaginary are hard to distinguish.

Yvonne Hall, Creative at RADAR, who worked on the project explained: “This job was all about the most retail of messages, so we embraced retail like never before… we built our own store. And we wanted to own the idea of “zero” – and what says zero percent tax more than knocking that number off your sales slip?”

“We chose to use Sarita Immelman en Vrou as our illustrator as she has a dedicated eye for detail, coupled with the patience to make the design come to life – something that was clearly needed on a job this big. Her designs are also always fresh, this is due to her not owning a style, but being able to develop a unique style for each individual job; and her the ability to adapt to capture the brand, the message and creative concept, in one beautiful piece.”

The installations will be appearing in Sandton City, Canal Walk, Centurion Mall, V&A Waterfront, Cavendish Square, Gateway, Menlyn Mall, Pavilion and Musgrave Mall from the end of March.


Karin Parsons – Head of Activations, RADAR
Yvonne Hall – RADAR
David Jennions – Creative Director, RADAR
Jared Gordon – Production, RADAR
Charlotte Collins – Stylist
Sarita Immelman en Vrou – Designer and illustrator

Radar NedGroup Investments

Radar NedGroup Investments