Web design & development — how two different disciplines work

Posted: July 30, 2015

360eight Designer DeveloperMany people often lump web design and web development together as if they were the same thing. They certainly sound similar enough to mean the same thing, but they’re actually vastly different disciplines.

What you’re seeing on your screen is ‘designed.’ But lying beneath that design, the unseen, is where web development lurks like a car engine beneath the bonnet.

Web designers are artists of the web – visual arts experts. They focus on the look and feel of a website. They’re professionals in colour scheming, graphic design and information flow. They’re creative people who use imagination and design to create awesome user experiences.

Web developers, on the other hand, are the builders of websites. They work together with designers in making languages like XHTML and CSS and transform static PSDs into interactive working web browser pages. They’re skilled in programming languages such as PHP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML, CSS and more.

But even though design and development are two different disciplines, it’s critical that they work hand-in-hand. Here’s why…

  • When designers and developers work together on projects, the result is a more cohesive web project with great aesthetics, user interface and clean code. There is less work and rework during the collaborative process, resulting in projects being completed in less time.
  • More creative brainstorming and design.
  • A more complete experience, because designers and developers understand what each is capable of creating.
  • A more cohesive finished product, where all the parts look like they belong and interactions fit the aesthetic.
  • Ideas merge for a more holistic vision of what a project is supposed to be and how it’s supposed to look.

At the end of the day, both jobs have a singular goal: To create a phenomenal website.

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