10 tips for saving data

Posted: September 17, 2015

Contribution from Autopage – Wednesday, 16 September 2015

  1. Include data in your voice package
    Why not upgrade your package to include more data or, even better, add a data bundle to your voice package?
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi
    Smartphones automatically switch to connected Wi-Fi networks when you’re in range, saving data.
  3. Update software over Wi-Fi
    A software update could use 1.9GB of data – that’s a cost of an estimated R1,900 on out of bundle data.
  4. Browse mobi sites
    Mobile versions of websites tend to be simpler and use less data.
  5. Change your browser
    Some mobile browsers compress data and reduce your usage. Some even strip out all images and display text only.
  6. Keep your cache
    You might be making space when you delete your cache, but images need to be reloaded every time you visit the same website.
  7. Use a data monitor
    By making use of a data monitor you can see which apps use the most of your data.
  8. Restrict background data
    Some apps use data when not in use. It’s best to monitor the foreground and background data usage of the various apps.
  9. Turn off GPS
    GPS can drain the battery and use up data. Only turn GPS on when you need it.
  10. Use data- intensive apps with caution
    Video calling, online gaming, HD video or audio streaming, YouTube and Pinterest, etc., are a no-go if you’re trying to save data.