34° and Frankie Fenner say it with wors this Heritage Day

Posted: September 23, 2016

There are 11 official languages in South Africa, but everyone speaks braai. Whether it’s a tshisha nyama or skottel, briquettes or wood, Weber or built-in, we all have something in common. 34° partnered with Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants to celebrate the one thing that will be on every grill this Heritage Day. Boerewors.

Frankie Fenner makes their own locally produced, ethically sourced boerewors. If any one food was going to define South Africa’s diverse mix of people and culture, it was going to be this expertly crafted piece of sausage.

We didn’t just want to help Frankie Fenner sell more meat, we wanted their wors to become the way South Africans connected this Heritage Day.

Enter a creative team adamant on celebrating our freedom of speech in the meatiest way possible. Frankie Fenner’s boerewors was transformed into a new font made entirely of boerewors. Then each letter was photographed and finally, used to create www.sayitwithwors.co.za


There’s nothing you can’t say with boerewors this Heritage Day. Send a braai invite, say hello to an old friend or simply click the “mince” button to generate a random Heritage Day message.


It’s a great way to share the Heritage Day spirit and while away the hours until the braai this weekend.