34 creates a curious occasion for Musgrave Gin

Posted: May 3, 2016

Musgrave Gin approached 34 and asked for out of the box ideas.

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Realising the opportunity to do some exciting work within the growing gin trend, the team at 34 looked into the stories behind the brand for inspiration. There they found a spirit for adventure and a nostalgia for times of old that we never got to experience.

To bring the Musgrave Gin brand to life, 34 wanted to give gin lovers the opportunity to experience just a taste of that nostalgia and more than just a taste of the delicious gin. It is from this that the creative concept, The Musgrave Gin Trading Post, was born.

In those times of old people traded and bartered for goods with whatever they had on offer.

Invitations were sent out to selected friends, bloggers and bar owners around Cape Town to attend the curious occasion that is The Musgrave Gin Trading Post. Each hand-crafted invite contained a small whim-wham, bygone, gew-gaw, kickshaw, doo-dad or whatnot. This curio would be the currency of the event.


Attendees arrived with their curios and got right down to bargaining with the eccentric character of the trading post appraiser – a distinguished 1800’s English gentleman. The more interesting the curio, the more interesting the drink you got. With everything from kitsch, pink, ceramic salt and pepper pots in the shape of swans to awesome old Matchbox cars, curiosity was piqued and gin was poured.

The event was a huge success with industry influencers dressed in 1800s attire, roaming the Hope on Hopkins Distillery, trading their stories and trinkets for a Musgrave cocktail of their choice.


“The Musgrave Trading Post was fantastic, delighted with the response from our guests and the trading fun that was had. Definitely a new currency to get a Ginny drink. 34 really got it right from concept to completion, with massive creative input and perfect execution.” Simone Musgrave, Owner.


The Musgrave Gin Trading Post will be taking its intriguing activation public with in-trade events, where they hope to acquire even more obscure oddities and curious curios. Watch this space.


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