34° delivers an Instagram Scout challenge for Campworld

Posted: June 30, 2016

Instagram is overrun with users who spend all of their free time outdoors. But these nature enthusiasts have no idea that Campworld is the one-stop shop for all their camping needs. Nor would they ever think of interacting with the brand on social media.


So we created a campaign inspired by Scouts and the badges they earn. The only difference was that our outdoor challenges involved Instagram uploads using the #campworldscouts hashtag. We designed beautiful badges that were sent out as rewards for completing our weekly challenges.


“We also incentivised a number of nature-loving brand ambassadors who truly embraced Campworld’s lifestyle of ‘get up and go’,” stated Liesl Van Olst, Campworld Marketing Manager. “But we tailored their hand-stitched badges which were inspired by content on their Instagram feeds.”


“After weeks of outdoor challenges and thousands of photo uploads, Campworld grew its base of followers by 13%. Our campaign rewarded Instagrammers with a physical, authentic acknowledgement, not just an empty like,” emphasized 34° CD Geraint Gronow.


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