34 launch their own award-worthy wine label, The Grape Shed.

Posted: June 27, 2014

At 34 we know a thing or two about selling alcohol. So we thought we’d launch our very own wine label.The Grape Shed_1

34 believe that an easy-drinking, unpretentious wine can easily pass as an expensive award-winning vintage. The average wine drinker relies on the opinions of experts to tell them which wines they should be buying. And wine awards have become the easy way to choose wine.

So we thought we’d have a little dig at the expense of these so called experts and create our own awards for our very own 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon.
The Grape Shed_2

We mimicked the style of existing awards by printing our fake accolades on ornate gold-foiled stickers, which certainly looked the part from a distance.

A peelable sticker card hung from the neck of our cheap and cheerful wine, allowing our easy-going, no-nonsense wine drinkers to award their own wine and prank “connoisseur” friends.

“In-store, where the shoppers are looking for the best, most awarded wines and not the ‘best buy’, we stole the show with possibly the most awarded wine ever,” stated 34 CD Geraint Gronow.
The Grape Shed_4The Grape Shed_3

The Grape Shed was developed in collaboration with the genuinely award-winning Warwick Wines.The Grape Shed_5