AAA School of Advertising boasts 40 finalists in Loeries student categories

Posted: August 13, 2015

The ACA congratulates the AAA School on retaining the impressive achievement of being the institution with the highest number of finalists at the annual Loerie awards.  This year, the school has been shortlisted for 40 campaigns, just short of half of all the finalists announced.

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Students from the school’s Cape Town campus account for 30 of the finalists announced, while those based at the Randburg campus received 10. “In 2014, the school had the highest number of finalists of all the institutions, and went on to be the most awarded academic institution for the year, highlighting the fact that the school truly is the Birthplace of Brilliant.” says Ludi Koekemoer, MD of the AAA School of Advertising.

The school is owned by the industry through the Association for Communication and Advertising South Africa and is the only internationally accredited advertising school in South Africa.  The benefit to the students at the school derives from the fact that there is active industry involvement in terms of lecturers, course work and most importantly, the school provides instruction based on what the industry requires from students with an advertising related qualification.

“We look forward to the awards announcement this coming weekend, and take this opportunity to wish all the finalists the best of luck,” concludes Koekemoer.