AAA School graduates go on to clean up at Loeries

Posted: September 18, 2014

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Alumni of the School have won 11 of the 14 Loeries Young Creative Awards handed out in previous years. No wonder the AAA School claims that it is the birthplace of brilliant.


The school is owned by the industry through the Association for Communication and Advertising South Africa and is the only internationally accredited advertising school in South Africa.

The benefit to the students at the school derives from the fact that there is active industry involvement in terms of lecturers, course work and most importantly, the school provides instruction based on what the industry requires from students with an advertising related qualification.

Ludi Koekemoer, CEO of the AAA School of Advertising, says: “The Young Creative award goes to the two top professionals in the industry, aged 27 or younger and is based entirely on merit.  We are immensely proud of this achievement by our alumni and look forward to continuing this legacy as we head into Loeries 2014 this weekend.”