Call for participation in SA Digital Media Benchmarking Study – DIGIDEX

Posted: February 3, 2014

The launch of the DigiDex SA study was announced by the DMMA, MMA and Digital Warrior today. On the 1st of February 2014 the data collection of DigiDex SA will commence, and the industry bodies call upon clients and agencies alike to participate.

The objective of the study is to establish and create South African industry benchmarks on Digital Media costs and performance metrics across various device categories and digital media channels.  This information will be segmented by industry and industry sub-category that will allow for comparison against various segments and against other media channels.

“This study aims to grow digital’s share of total media spend whilst getting new sectors and brands to start using digital as an advertising and marketing medium”, says Project Leader: Joanne Scholtz, Digital Warrior. She continues: “This information will be used to raise the local standard of digital media strategy and implementation, ultimately improving a brand’s digital return on their investment.”

Jarred Cinman, Chairman of the DMMA: “We’re excited about this study.. We hope it can play a significant role in growing the appreciation and impact of digital in the market. There is a dearth of information available to marketers to decide whether, and to what extent, digital marketing can deliver results for their brands. This pioneering study seeks to close that gap – and as such is a first of its kind in the SA market.”

The key objectives of this study are to determine South African metrics in the digital space and provide a benchmark that may be used to establish the efficacy and effectiveness of digital campaigns across various channels.  Metrics will include, but not be limited to costs, response rates, interactivity and brand metrics.

All the key channels such as Social, Search, Online, Email, Apps and Mobile, across all devices will be included in the study.

“As a marketer, understanding the value you receive for your digital marketing budget can be daunting. Benchmarks are limited to either your own campaigns or your agency’s experience. This study will objectively show the ROI parameters for acceptable performance in digital marketing, by media type and industry category,” says Scholtz.

Millward Brown is the research partner of DigiDex SA. Both a quantitative and qualitative approach will be followed for this study and data will be collected through primary and secondary research.  Campaign data will be collected and categorised by industry sector/ vertical (i.e. Financial, Automotive, etc.) and no brand information will be shared in this study.

“Finally, we don’t have to quote US and European stats on mobile marketing campaigns, and will soon have our own! As a mobile-first country, South Africa has a different landscape in terms of mobile device usage (we don’t have the proliferation of smart phones) and have created some home-grown innovative mobile marketing channels of our own. The birth of these marketing channels were triggered by the necessity to communicate on ‘dumb phones’ without access to the internet, like Please Call Me Tagged Ads and USSD. With this benchmarking study, we look forward to seeing a truer picture of mobile marketing in South Africa.” Says Candice Goodman, Chair of the MMA.

If your brand advertised using a digital platform in 2013, visit and enter your campaign details. Only those sectors that provide statistically enough data, will form part of the release.

The report will be ready for release 30 April 2014.

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