Cell C launches SA’s first contract buy-out offer with TVC from 1886

Posted: June 16, 2015

Mobile services provider, Cell C, has declared its intention to aggressively chase market share with the launch of South Africa’s first-ever contract buy-out offer.

In a 60-second television commercial which broke late last month, the company embraces ‘hard-sell’ clearly stating the offer (it will pay up to R10 000 to assist those who want to move buy themselves out of the contract with their existing provider) and highlighting the benefits of moving to Cell C.

These include a new handset, a highly competitive new contract and an iron-clad guarantee that the contract price will not change for two years.

The spot, which is supported by web and billboard advertising, was created by 1886’s executive creative director Stuart Stobbs, creative director Mathhew Barnes, art directors Mark Livni, and copywriter Mbeu Kambuwa. 1886 is an independent agency within the FCB South Africa partnership.

While its message is pure retail, the treatment and styling is aspirational, featuring a glamorous couple, clearly both with high-flying careers; definitely the type who would never sit and wait for change no matter how uncomfortable or prejudicial the wait, but would rather get up and make change happen.

You can view the commercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDM-I5fLfo

“A contract buy-out offer is a really bold move by Cell C, one that is set to change South Africa’s mobile communications industry forever,” said Stobbs.

“It needed an approach that pulled no punches, and very clearly laid out the ground rules. For this, we needed a rather copy-intensive ad, so that viewers could see and appreciate Cell C’s transparency.

“But we also had to create a positive association with the brand, to overcome the apathy that consumers have when it comes to changing banks, changing lawyers, changing service providers. By portraying the characters is successful go-getters, we’re subliminally telling South Africans that change doesn’t have to be hard; in fact, it can be quite rewarding.”

The ad was shot over two days in Johannesburg by production house Team Best. Asha Stoltz and Bryan van Niekerk were the directors, and post-production was handled by Mushroom Media.