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Wayne Zwiers appointed to strengthen iProspect’s performance in SSA

iProspect’s newest senior management member, Wayne Zwiers has been appointed Managing Director of the Johannesburg team.

Viva Gym and 34 – a perfect fit

Viva Gym were looking for an agency to help them sell more smartly and take on the big guns in the SA market.

Five social good innovations

Strategic marketing consultancy, Added Value, lifts the lid on five innovations that have branding for good at their heart.

Huisgenoot backs Pendoring as Platinum sponsor

Afrikaans is Huisgenoot readers’ mother tongue and because Pendoring Advertising Awards’ aim is the promotion of excellent Afrikaans advertising, Huisgenoot decided to support Pendoring this year as a Platinum sponsor.

FCB best performing agency on Most Liked TVC List

FCB South Africa is the country’s best performing agency group on Millward Brown’s Most Liked TVC List for the fourth quarter of 2014.

2015 is shaping up into ‘The Year of Enrichment’ — why?

Strategic marketing consultancy, Added Value, is describing 2015 as ‘The Year of Enrichment’. In this article, it details three of the six cultural themes that have led to this description, and highlights how they can impact brands.

Small budget, large audience — takes the cream

When tasked to reach a large audience on a small budget by client, FCB Cape Town came up with an idea that taps into one of the most insidious social media habits.

So proud of their Corolla, they make their own ad

A father and his sons are so proud of their new Toyota Corolla, they ‘make their own ad’ – the father providing light, voice-over and GoPro action, son #1 the background music, son #2 moral support – in the comfort of their own garage.

Navigating the new marketing landscape

Consumers navigate expertly from Facebook, to their blog on Tumblr, to their mobile banking app, to their Apple TV, and back again. Their digital expertise now requires brands to behave with equal agility and provide relevant and timely content unique to the platform and consumer need.

Mobile and tech — what should be on the marketer’s radar?

Here Jonathan Hall, President Consulting: North America, highlights the latest in everything from artificial intelligence to wearables, from big data to storytelling, and what brand owners can learn from the worlds of mobile and tech.

Smart data at the heart of pro-social brands

‘Big Data’ and ‘Social Good’ may be the yin and yang of tomorrow’s most successful brands. Both are recognised as important components of contemporary marketing strategy, yet they are not typically thought of as bedmates. That is changing.

Purpose-driven brands

The growing expectation that brands should make meaningful contributions to the world has put pressure on marketers to find profitable ways to do so. They must carefully select causes that align with the brand’s ethos and can be seamlessly woven into their business models.

Need mom advice? NetFlorist has it

SA’s largest online flower and gifting service, NetFlorist, is tickling the country’s funny-bone with its radio campaign for Mother’s Day.

Pendoring 2015 entries now open

Entries for the 2015 Pendoring Advertising Awards has opened and Pendoring is calling on all ad agencies and marketers to create an Afrikaans ad or an ad in one of the other vernacular languages that will astound the nation and become a cultural treasure.

Reconsidering CSI in times of disaster

As a communication officer, I deal with an influx of proposals on a daily basis, and although all are noble and touching, corporate South Africa needs to be cut-throat about who they are supporting, the reasons why, and the hierarchy of needs against the backdrop of the current societal landscape.

Zurich gets direct with Demographica

Demographica has been appointed as the new direct marketing agency for Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited following a year-long relationship of successful projects and campaigns.

Facebook is shutting down its Friends Data API: Here’s what it could mean for digital marketers and developers

Previously, when logging into an app or website that uses Facebook Connect, users were asked for permission to various pieces of information linked to their Facebook account. One of these requests (often unnoticed), is access to the information of your friends. Now, with the enforcement of version 2 of Facebook’s Graph API, apps are not able to collect this data or even ask for it at all – with the aim to improve users’ trust.

Hero Film, pioneering virtual reality video experiences in SA

With Microsoft’s announcement of Hololens, Google’s heavy investment in Magic Leap and, now Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR, all signs are pointing to virtual reality as the next great wave of technology that will revolutionise the ways we create, consume and share content.

Debonairs Pizza delivers double the amazing with new promotion

Debonairs Pizza, a household name since its launch 24 years ago, is delivering double the amazing to urban South African’s with its new promotion from FCB Joburg called ‘On the Double’.

Afrikaans effective advertising language – Die Dagbreek Trust

Afrikaans effective advertising language – Die Dagbreek Trust

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