Dani Hynes of Egg Films embraces the spirit of ubuntu that NIVEA ‘Care is Beautiful’ embraces

Posted: March 5, 2015



After an incredibly busy stint, that saw Dani complete five ads back to back in a few months, her last project was a real heart and soul campaign which involved the community, whilst also helping to improve their lives. This aptly demonstrates what the NIVEA Care is Beautiful initiative is all about. Dani worked closely alongside the creatives Stuart Stobbs and Toni Hughes, from 1886, an FCB South Africa group company that brought this to life. The commercial and three documentary pieces were created all directed by Dani Hynes and produced by her team at Egg Films.

According to Dani, “When I first read the script it really resonated with me as this was about NIVEA capturing ‘actual’ people in their campaigns and highlighting the fact that they support ‘real’ South Africans who care. This project was testament to that.” She goes on to say that, “As a director, one is driven to create performances that are heartfelt and real and knowing the story behind these incredible people’s lives is what motivated me throughout this shoot. I was so captivated by these extraordinary souls who have risen above their own personal circumstances to selflessly help others.” The beauty of this project is that everyone came together from to make this magical and heartwarming commercial and documentaries come to life.

The NIVEA Care is Beautiful Initiative aims to honour individuals in communities who put aside their own needs to care for others and who embody the true meaning of Ubuntu. The meaning of Ubuntu is, ” People are not people without others”. The commercial for NIVEA care, was inspired by real life heroes and was a vehicle to tell their stories whilst at the same time shooting in the heroe’s homes with the aim of making some improvements that would change and help their everyday lives. The soundtrack came courtesy of ‘Duduza Serenades,’ a group of orphan children from Ekhuruleni and the TV script was written by Nomfundo Mpati, a Beiersdorf employee, based on her understanding of what care and Ubuntu means to South Africans. Advertising for social change where possible is what it is all about.