Dates For Hellocomputer’s May Hack-a-Thon Announced

Posted: April 12, 2013

Hellocomputer and Draftfcb will hold their first hack-a-thon of 2013 in May at their Johannesburg office in Katherine Street, Sandton.

Teams will be briefed at 18h00 on May 9 and be given 48 hours to complete their hack before presenting the outcome to the panel of judges.

This is the second hack-a-thon sponsored by Hellocomputer and Draftfcb. The first took place last year.

An intense 48-hour caffeine fuelled event pitting teams comprising sharp tech minds and top-shelf creatives, hack-a-thons involve bending, forcing or breaking old conventions to create something new and innovative out of the chaos.

At last year’s inaugural hack-a-thon, a handful of exceptionally talented teams delivered an equaliser made out of slinkys, an iPhone-controlled quadrocopter and the winning idea, a tweeting hamster.

Those interested in entering the first event of 2013 should email for further information or visit

Hellocomputer’s executive creative director, Mark Tomlinson, said the award-winning digital agency is excited to gear up and drill down round two.

“The first Hack-a-Thon we held was an awe-inspiring event resulting in incredible innovation, but there are definitely things we’ll be doing a little differently this time round,” he said.

“We have a specific brief and theme, which we must keep under wraps, which we think will make for a whole lot of fun for both contestants and judges.

“Hack-a-thon is an open event; we want everyone to experience it. Anyone is welcome to pull through, spectate or submit a team if they’re up for the challenge. Come on, be one of those mech-magicians that astound us; sign up today.”