Draftfcb Cape Town Matchmakes For Engen, Wimpy

Posted: April 12, 2013

Draftfcb Cape Town has played matchmaker and brought together two of South Africa’s most endearing brands, Engen 1-Stop and Wimpy, in a television commercial called ‘Love Story’ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMrzvE6elT0)

Created to showcase that Engen 1-Stop and Wimpy’s wide range of offerings make sure that you’re in the right frame of mind to love the journey of your road trip, the TVC highlights that holiday isn’t just about where you’re going; it’s about the experiences you have along the way.

Cape Town - Engen and Wimpy 2 - small









It features a young man filling up his petrol tank who dances on the forecourt to attract the attention of a beautiful girl sitting in the Wimpy and sipping on a milkshake. He’s dejected when she leaves the table, but there’s a happy ending as she returns with a second straw, clearly inviting him to join her.

The concept was conceived by Draftfcb Cape Town’s team of executive creative director Mike Barnwell, creative director Aaron Harris, copywriter Chris de Villiers and art director Scott Fowler, and brought to life by Egg Films’ director Jon Ronbeck and Black Ginger editor Gordon Midgley.

Cape Town - Engen and Wimpy 3 - small









“Our insight was that long journeys on the road aren’t always enjoyable; most of the time you’re just focusing on the end destination and, as you get hungry, annoyed and tired, you start wishing the hours away,” said Harris.

“However, when you take the time to stop and refresh, the journey becomes part of your adventure, and you enjoy every experience on the way.”

Creative credits:

Client: Engen Petroleum and Wimpy

Agency: Draftfcb Cape Town

Key account management: Jonathan Chipps

Executive creative director: Mike Barnwell

Creative director: Aaron Harris

Copywriter: Chris de Villiers

Art director: Scott Fowler

Strategic planner: Robin Nixon

TV production: Caz Friedman

Media planners: MediaShop

Production company: Egg Films

Producer: Jon Ronbeck

Director: Kevin Fitzgerald

Editor: Gordon Midgley

Post-production: Black Ginger