Draftfcb: Engen Primax Unleaded Offers Motorists The Best Of Both Worlds

Posted: November 12, 2012

November marks the highly anticipated launch of Engen Primax Unleaded, petrol anticipated to shake up the fuel industry by offering motorists two key benefits – performance and fuel economy – in one.

The fuel launch follows market research conducted by Engen, which found that petrol motorists were tired of choosing between fuels with only one benefit.

“In the past, motorists would have to choose Brand A’s economical petrol or Brand B’s performance petrol,” said Lesley McDonough, Engen Group Brand Manager. “Engen Primax Unleaded offers the consumer state-of-the-art detergency, superior performance and improved driving economy in one complete package.”

The fuel launch is supported by a far-reaching advertising campaign produced by Draftfcb Cape Town. View the 30 second commercial plus a longer 70 second version at these links:

http://youtu.be/3eNMTpGoYRw, http://youtu.be/mAOdocHKl6U.

“It’s hard to imagine what Engen Primax Unleaded does to a car engine,” said Mike Barnwell, Executive Creative Director at Draftfcb Cape Town. “So we decided to explain with the help of a little demonstration.”

“To show off the two key benefits of Engen Primax Unleaded, we decided to create a hybrid car with a difference,” added Aaron Harris, Creative Director at Draftfcb Cape Town. “The result is a vehicle that has the V6 engine of a performance car with the frugal fuel tank of an economy car.”

The resulting TV commercial, which aired across a variety of channels on November 11, features a team of technicians cutting two cars in half and reassembling them into a single vehicle that combines the best of both – with the front of a performance car and the rear of an economical runaround.

“There was never any question about us creating the car for real. We all agreed that the car had to be fully functional,” said Mike Barnwell. “We’re planning to take the hybrid car on a cross-country tour, making appearances at Engen forecourts and motor shows across South Africa.”