Edgars Club Magazine Evolves into Nifty Handbag-Sized Format

Posted: September 21, 2012

In line with the global publishing trend pursued by international fashion titles, Edgars Clubmagazine re-launches this month in a nifty new handbag-sized format. Along with the new compact size, an extra 16-page section will be added

Edgars Club magazine new format, October 2012 Issue

to every issue, making the magazine a convenient and comprehensive style guide for an in-store shopping spree. The October 2012 issue, which will be mailed to just under one million readers this week, features the new ‘bigger but smaller’ format of the monthly magazine, packed with current fashion trends, gorgeous beauty looks and chic décor buys.

“The smaller size, gloss-varnished cover, increased content and thicker paper gives us a distinct point of difference in the market, enabling us to reinvent the traditional fashion custom magazine category. We also snuck an advanced copy into a focus group and received overwhelmingly positive feedback,” commented Justine Stafford, Group Editor for Edgars Club magazine.

She adds that the team is continuously searching for new ways to push both fashion and publishing boundaries, clearly evident in the latest fashion and beauty spreads which were shot on location in Kenya, a first for Edgars Club magazine. The fashion and beauty editors who went on location were tasked with the challenge of bringing back stellar summer stories, and despite unexpected tropical storms and high levels of humidity, did just that.

This new-look issue also speaks to every woman’s desire – shoes – in line with the current in-store promotion, We Love Shoes, showcasing the extensive in-house range which Edgars has to offer.

Having taken over the magazine nearly 18 months ago, John Brown Media is anticipating the impact that this now smaller magazine will make amongst consumers and advertisers. They’ve found that many consumers tear out pages to use as an in-store shopping guide, so the new handbag-friendly size makes it far more convenient for their shopping needs.

“Our research clearly showed that today’s fashionista is looking for ways to keep up to date constantly with both local and international fashion trends. They resoundingly said a big “Yes” to the handbag-sized Club magazine that now has more pages, more editorial and more fashion info that is easily accessible,” added Cameron Burt, CRM Marketing Manager for Edgars Marketing.

Striking fashion spreads, profiles of international and local fashion icons, lifestyle advice and tips from experts will continue to take precedence in print. Edgars Club information and benefits will also be available in print as well as via the new Edgars Club website, which is set to reveal its own face-lift at the same time. Started more than 20 years ago, Edgars Club provides exclusive benefits, products and services to over a million members.

John Brown Media is one of the world’s leading content agencies, with a passion for helping brands engage with customers across a multitude of platforms. They launched in South Africa in 2007 to publish Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine and have since added Edgars Club, Discovery and Spur Totemmagazines to their blue-chip client portfolio.