Effective Measure and IAB SA Digital Industry Survey Goes Live

Posted: March 15, 2016

Johannesburg, March 15, 2016 – After almost 6 months of planning, Effective Measure (EM) and IAB SA are pleased to announce the launch of the new Digital Industry Survey. The survey is widely used by publishers, agencies, and brands, and provides insights into demographic and psychographic attributes of publisher’s digital audience and how to reach them.

The collection of this new survey data went live on November 1st, 2015, so EM now has 4 months of data, which will be released into the EM Dashboard on March 14th 2016. This development includes improvement of data quality, improvements to survey methodology, and increased representation of South Africa market trends.

The most exciting development is the inclusion of LSM (Living Standards Measure), the most widely used marketing research tool in South Africa. Not all 29 variables can be collected on a digital survey so a “Lite LSM” was used. Developed by Neil Higgs from TNS, this version uses 13 of the 29 variables.

IAB SA and Effective Measure have also licensed the e-Clination Score (ECS) from Echo and this segmentation is now included on the questionnaire. Given that “The Digital Divide” is a fact of life in SA society, Echo developed a measure of technology and the connected lifestyle adoption called the e-Clination score. Like LSM measures what’s in homes, the ECS measures individuals inclination to access and use technology and the “connected or digital” lifestyle. The declination Score and LCM measure are currently in beta testing and will be released to the industry toward the end of March, 2016.

“The Digital Industry Survey forms a fundamental part of the value that the IAB SA and Effective Measure offers to the market,” said Ryan Harris, Head of Measurement IAB SA. “With over 300,000 active respondents seen across mobile devices and PCs each month, it is one of the largest surveys run in South Africa. Improvements such as these have a powerful effect on the industry as a whole and will help grow the entire digital industry”, Harris added.

After a long process involving a council to represent the industry, the survey content was approved by the IAB Publisher Council and shared with key representatives in the industry prior to it going live in November. The release of the data was reviewed and approved by data scientists at Effective Measure and the above council. The next step is to ensure the integration of the Effective Measure data in Telmar is modified to reflect the new information.

“The new survey and inclusion of LSM and ECS is likely the most impactful development that has happened in digital for several years,” says Nicolle Harding, Country Manager Effective Measure South Africa. “The value it will offer marketers will be felt for years to come as the research ecosystem in South Africa changes. Digital is innovating in anticipation of these developments,” Harding added.

For more information on updates to the Digital Industry Survey, read the FAQ. For media interviews or more information please contact Nicolle Harding at nicolle.harding@effectivemeasure.com.