Effective Measure launches data solution “emPower” in Africa!

Posted: May 31, 2016

Johannesburg – 31 May 2016: Effective Measure, leading digital audience data provider in the Middle East and Africa announces the expansion of its emPower product, which is now available in Africa! emPower allows advertisers, agencies and trading desks to accurately target specific audiences when purchasing inventory through Google’s demand-side-platform (DSP) and DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).

Effective Measure’s emPower is a data co-op representing data from opt-in Publishers and enriched with declared (survey based) and behavioral (online browsing) data. Behavourial segments including Automotive, Real Estate, Sports, Style & Fashion, Travel and Health & Fitness are available. Demographic segments include age, gender, income level, LSM and occupation. Further demographic segments such as race, parents and education will be launched over the coming weeks.

The model was developed in consultation with publishers to ensure they had flexibility over their participation in the program. Segments are only released with the support of publishers, and when opted-in to the program, they will share in all revenue generated via emPower. Those not opting in will continue to work with Effective Measure as they did before, although their data will not be a part of emPower. Publishers opting in are kept totally anonymous providing maximum protection of their brand whilst developing a brand new sales channel.

Protection of personal information is of paramount importance to Effective Measure, thus POPI needed to be a consideration. Under the Audience product no identifiable information is collected and everything is aggregated, therefore this is POPI complaint. emPower allows advertisers to target online audiences and therefore the user needs to be aware that their data may be used for this purpose. Over the past 3 months EM has been working with legal counsel to ensure compliance and best practice to ensure the user, responsible party (publisher) and operator (Effective Measure) are protected.

“We are delighted to bring this product into market, in the spirit that it offers publishers back commercial value for their audiences and affords publishers an additional revenue stream”, said Nicolle Harding, Lead Sub Saharan Africa, Effective Measure. “emPower is the first product that EM has brought into market which is outside of the IAB tender, we trust that the market appreciates that this is a sign of commitment to this region. We are very focused on offering publishers value that positively impacts their businesses, hopefully this is one step to support this direction”, Harding said.

For more information, including implementation details, please visit http://www.effectivemeasure.com/empower.
For interviews with Effective Measure please contact Nicolle Harding on nicolle.harding@effectivemeasure.com or +27 72 7550425
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