The evolution of Egg Films’ logo

Posted: November 11, 2014

As companies evolve from a business perspective, one needs to keep it real by having fun. Egg has been doing this in their own way through their unique take on the traditional film production offering and with their ever changing logos. Along with a lot of other exciting developments within the brand story, Egg are proud to launch their new logo and new website. Egg called in Johan De Lange, famous for his original and witty illustrations to craft the logo for the next incarnation of the Egg story.

According to Colin Howard, Executive Producer of Egg Films, “ The main brief was that we want to refresh our branding and move onto the next developments of the logo. We have never conformed to normal branding rules, so do not have a strict logo we stick to. We like to work with artists who do something irreverent as this fits in with who we are as a company.” He goes on to say, “ I love our new dino skeleton bird as much as the doilies in the last generation, just because they are interesting and make a statement that we like to push creative boundaries and not to conform to the safest tried and tested route.”

The designer and illustrator Johan De Lange talks about the conceptual process, “ Although there are many brilliant logos out there that are simply typographic, I struggle with designing those types of logos. I enjoy craft in design, and coming up with unique stories and vibes for the logos. Describing the rationale for the direction of the look and feel, Johan says “ The new Egg logo turned out great, because they have never been afraid to have their own identity. They know who they are, and they do things in their own special way. Johan explains the tweaks to keep it interesting, “From early on we knew that Egg didn’t need a totally new direction, but instead more of an evolution of the old logo. Keeping it black and white, and hand drawn, The new dino hadeda logo fits right in with the old stuff, but it also feels totally fresh. They main difference is the new look is a bit simpler than the old stuff. The new logo always sits neatly in its black circle, and becomes a strong and versatile element that can be used on anything. Its instantly recognisable as Egg and its a fun thing to look at.”

The various incarnations of the Egg logo have seen it go from a video camera eyepiece that resembles the shape of an egg in 2000 to a more organic version in 2007. And the latest version has evolved into a skeleton hadeda dino bird with an egg inside. The inspiration behind the illustration was as most great things are accidental, “ When I was 7 I inherited a box of fossils and gemstones that belonged to my great grandfather. Since that day I have been collecting all sorts of natural history objects and books. Recently I made a drawing of a parrot skeleton, and when Colin saw that, he got quite excited and suggested that maybe that could be an interesting direction for the new Egg CI.” says Johan.

The loose hand drawn style has got more soul than a simple vector style. It is well suited for Egg because they are a creative company who do not adhere to any set formula of being a production company. They never take a predictable boring approach or take themselves too seriously and this is reflected in the logo. See the images for the logo and the new website encompassing Arcade, a high end production offering with a twist focusing a streamlined approach to content creation.

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