FCB best performing agency on Most Liked TVC List

Posted: May 15, 2015

FCB South Africa is the country’s best performing agency group on Millward Brown’s Most Liked TVC List for the fourth quarter of 2014.

The group had 4 ads on the Top 10 list, which was released this week (May 13), including one which took the top spot.

Bobby Share A Coke (known with the agency as Bobby 2) by FCB Joburg ranked as the nation’s favourite ad for the period while FCB Cape Town ads for Engen/Wimpy and Savanna Dry – ‘Happy Song’ and ‘Angry Lemon’ came in 4th and 8th position respectively, and Toyota Hilux Legend, by FCB Joburg, 10th.

FCB Joburg executive creative director, Jonathan Deeb, was ‘wagging his tail’ at the results: “It’s when the ads we make are loved and spoken about at family dinners, outside spaza shops, at braais and at office water coolers that we know we have been successful, because South African consumers only vote with their pockets when they have connected with content on an emotional level.

“After the success of the first Coca-Cola ‘Bobby’ commercial flighting in just short of 100 countries worldwide, it is great to see the ‘Bobby 2’ commercial starting with the same success locally.

“Although it’s a Japanese brand, through our communication, Toyota has completely adopted a South African persona and has been adopted in turn by South Africans – the Hilux has been the country’s biggest selling vehicle for a number of years. This ad, with its nostalgic reference to all the Hilux models that came before, hit over 100 000 views in under a week.”

FCB Cape Town executive creative director, Mike Barnwell, was also smiling. “Two very respectable positions for two different clients and two very different ads,” he said.

“In fact, it’s great that FCB had a total of four completely different clients on the list. It once again solidifies the group’s reputation for creating South Africa’s favourite ads and building South Africa’s favourite brands.”