FCB Joburg crafts Huletts’ first TVC in a decade

Posted: November 23, 2015

Huletts, a brand synonymous with sugar in South Africa, is advertising on national television for the first time in more than 10 years with the commercial that won FCB Joburg its above-the-line business a few months ago.

The ad, ‘An Ode to the Sugar Lovers’, was devised by the agency’s team of Executive Creative Director Jonathan Deeb, Creative Director Gareth Paul, Copywriter Jessica Everson and Art Director Kyra Antrobus.

To showcase the 123-year old brand’s repertoire, it’s a fast-paced stream of photographs of a sweet treat and the person who makes it from the ‘tuisnywerheid’ entrepreneur to the young wife cooking to impress her mother-in-law, to the church fête supporter to the boyfriend and girlfriend enjoying umbubhudlo1, to the sweet tea drinker and the elaborate dessert creator.

Not only does this execution demonstrate the versatility of the product, it drives home the point that, no matter who you are – the brand’s target markets spans LSM 4-10 categories – or what you make, Huletts adds that extra sweetness to make it extra special.

View the ad here:

“Overall, the ad is beautiful in its simplicity,” said Huletts Marketing Manager, Amanda Randeria. It is hard-hitting, enjoyable and evokes strong emotions; yet still delivers on the key task of promoting value for money. FCB Joburg has delivered a commercial that has a great balance in driving both the emotional and functional benefits of the Huletts offering.”

Huletts had not advertised on television for over a decade, and put its business out to pitch on a TV brief. The agency’s response was the promise that ‘A little Huletts sweetness goes a long way’, and carried this through to various point-of-sale and out-of-home executions.

“We were obviously delighted when our strategy and execution won us the business,” said FCB Joburg Executive Business Director, Mike Di Terlizzi. “And even more pleased when the pitch work was taken through to the small screen. It’s not often that this happens.

“We shot all the scenes in just one day at Scheerpoort near Hartebeespoort using bold colours and retro styling. This reminds viewers that Huletts is a long-lived brand and reinforces the fact that it is a household favourite, trusted to enhance every sweet treat regardless of the user’s proficiency level.”


Client:                                       Huletts
Marketing Manager:                   Amanda Randeria
Brand Manager:                         Zethu Sithole
Creative agency:                       FCB Joburg
Executive Business Director:     Mike Di Terlizzi
Account Executive:                     Blaine Roper
Executive Creative Director:       Jonathan Deeb
Creative Director:                      Gareth Paul
Copywriter:                               Jessica Everson
Art director:                               Kyra Antrobus
Strategic planner:                      Thandeka Mali
TV production:                          Vanessa Borthwick


Note 1: Umbubhudlo is a colloquial word used by South Africans to describe a summer drink created by mixing sugar with water then adding ice. It is Zulu in origin