FCB Johannesburg wins RAB ‘On The Spot’ competition

Posted: May 21, 2014

A creative team from FCB Johannesburg has won the RAB ‘On The Spot’ competition with an ad for client Lexus.

A non-profit organisation funded entirely by its member radio stations, RAB’s primary role is to guide advertisers, marketers, media planners, strategists, buyers and creative experts towards the more effective and creative use of the medium and, in so doing, move radio higher up the advertising agenda.

Its ‘On The Spot’ campaign was launched in March this year to re-positioning radio in the minds of advertisers and their agencies as a primary and effective advertising vehicle.

The campaign-cum-competition challenged 10 agencies to shift the thinking and break the rules on how radio advertising is approached. The agencies who accepted the challenge were given just two weeks to come up with their idea.

FCB Johannesburg, with its innovative idea that combined smart media buying with a strong product benefit, came out tops. Its commercial for the Lexus Adaptive Lights feature was strategically placed between other unrelated adverts during the same ad break. Like the Adaptive Lights it was advertising, the ad literally showed you what was coming your way before you got there.

RAB congratulated FCB Johannesburg with these words: “When it came to the judging panel, FCB’s smart idea was a unanimous winner. Even Jenny Glover, known for her often harsh criticism, was bowled over by the concept’s ingenuity. The advert had the entire panel smiling and kicking themselves for not thinking of it first. Writer Melusi Mhlungi and his creative colleagues at FCB can certainly give themselves a generous back-patting for the Brave New Radio that they brought to life.”

FCB Johannesburg executive creative director, Jonathan Deeb, added: “The RAB ‘On The Spot’ initiative was an incredible opportunity to break the creative boundaries associated with radio and breathe some life into the way the industry approaches this wonderful storytelling medium.”

“We’re all so proud of this achievement, and of scriptwriter Melusi Mhlungu. Huge congratulations to all involved in helping drive our entry – those who put great ideas on the table and, of course, all involved helping bring to life the winning piece of work.”

Listen to the winning ad here: