First-Ever TV campaign produced in SA for SKYY Vodka

Posted: January 24, 2013

SKYY® Vodka proudly announces the launch of its first-ever TV advertising campaign in South Africa. Renowned as the drink of choice for the world’s most stylish party people, the advert offers a taste of the glamorous lifestyle associated with the iconic spirit in the world-famous cobalt blue bottle.

Entitled Life in the SKYY, the ad was created to feel like a music video and stars a secret agent-style hero whose surroundings can be transformed with a clap of his hands. Events unfold around him as he makes his way to the top of a slick urban building and arrives at his glamorous rooftop party. As the weather turns, a clap of his hands sends the roof soaring above the rain clouds, where the stylish partygoers continue to dance and sip cocktails as they enjoy life in the sky. The soundtrack to the campaign was produced exclusively by Pulse Music Recording Studio and performed by Lerix.  Blending electro with rap, the track was inspired by the story of the ad.

Richard Black, marketing director for Campari International said, “SKYY Vodka is the spirit to be seen with and its modern and sexy image is a perfect match for drinkers in a vibrant and upcoming country like South Africa.  Life in the SKYY was created and filmed in Cape Town, but it has a global feel in keeping with the brand, which is emphasized by the use of a cast of international actors. I believe it is something that people will really enjoy, because it showcases the glamorous and stylish lifestyle that is associated with SKYY Vodka and enjoyed by youthful and ambitious South Africans today.”

Graham Lang, chief creative officer at Y&R South Africa developed the creative concept for the new campaign. He explained, “SKYY Vodka is the drink of choice for ambitious and style-conscious urbanites and young professionals and is synonymous with the high life. We wanted to create something very simple that would perpetuate this truth and show that SKYY Vodka adds a touch of class to elevate any moment. The music video feel reflects the A-list crowd who has made SKYY their vodka. A combination of slick, cool visuals and an exclusive soundtrack from Lerixgive the advert a premium, stylish feel that reflects the essence of this spirit.”

Life in the SKYY started flighting from mid-January 2013 on ETV, MNET, SABC and DSTV channels as part of the wider Life in the SKYY marketing campaign.