France, Cannes: Message from Draftfcb SA CCO Brett Morris

Posted: June 21, 2013

Bonjour all

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It’s been an intense week as usual (emotionally and physically 🙂 and as it winds down, and I have some access to Wifi & aircon, I thought I would provide you with a quick ‘canned’ look at how we’ did and who won what. (The work is hyperlinked so you can just click to view.)

First off, for those who were following the #DraftfcbSA Twitter stream, you’ll know that Draftfcb CT won a bronze for Vital Viral Boost as well as a silver in outdoor for their amazing Engen “Fire blanket”. If you haven’t seen the work, go look. Go now. Otherwise it was a pretty dissapointing week with high hopes for a few pieces of work that featured at other award shows but never converted at Cannes. All told it’s a slightly better performance than last year, so a step in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. We really have Mike and the CT team to thank for flying the flag in a big way at Cannes 2013. Vive le Cape Town!

And as for the rest:


The Outdoor Grand Prix was one of my favourite pieces this year. The IBM Smart Ideas for Smarter Cities work is smart and so fantastically simple. I love the fact that it literally brings the strategy to life in the work. Overall SA had a decent showing in outdoor. The Doom Wall of Shoes from TBWA Hunt is worth a look. I think it’s a great example of how to turn a static piece of outdoor into an interactive piece.


Mobile is always an interesting and difficult category and there’s no better example of a medium that requires brilliant simplicity.

For me, one of the best ideas of the festival, which was awarded the Grand Prix in mobile, was from DDB Dm9 for Smart Textbooks. They recycled old sim cards and downloaded school textbooks onto them (because textbooks were too expensive to print). The sim cards were then handed out at schools and kids put them into their phones. Genius. You don’t get simpler, or more powerful than that. This is an idea that we could’ve easily done in SA, particularly in a country where mobile is so pivotal. We should be leading the charge here. Come on! We can do it!

Unfortunately SA didn’t feature at all in mobile or cyber and we are yet to win a Cyber Lion as a country. Challenge accepted.


This was the first year for the Innovation Lions and The Grand Prix went to Cinder from The Barbarian Group, who created a software development platform for creative coding. Very tech focussed obviously but still judged on how it facilitates and enhances creativity, which is really core to what we do.


Some truly beautiful and inspiring work in design, worth trawling through the winners on the Cannes website (not sure how long the work is up for free so watch while you can!). At the very least check out the AV for the Grand Prix, a simple (notice how I keep using that word), smart idea called The Selfscan Report from Serviceplan in Germany. Again tech plays a part but doesn’t get in the way of a great idea.


The Grand Prix went to iPad Mini from TBWA/Media Arts Lab in Los Angeles. Ok this was a bit too simple for my liking. Good idea? Yes. Grand Prix? Not so sure. SA had the second highest number of silvers after Brazil, with 6. I did like the silver campaign winner called Weird Accents for Flight Centre from TBWA Hunt Lascaris. Beautifully crafted. Also the Cape Times Selfies silver winner from Lowe.


Two Grand Prix’s here. The first for an amazing idea merging highly crafted content & interactivity called The Beauty Inside for Intel & Toshiba. This truly is blurring the world of entertainment and advertising.

The second went to our very own Draftfcb New York for the Oreo Daily Twist campaign. An ambitious campaign that set out to create 100 pieces of daily, interactive  and responsive content to celebrate Oreo’s 100th birthday. Ambitious … but simple.



No these are not joint categories, it’s a triple Grand Prix winner for Dumb Ways to Die for Metro Trains by McCann Australia. Not sure why the hell this won the Grand Prix in direct (or radio for that matter) but anyway it’s an amazing piece of work that you can’t help but love. As of last night it had won 3 Grand Prixs and 5 golds and I’m sure it’ll rack up a few more before the week is out. And it’s basically a jingle. Gotta love a jingle.


The Grand Prix was for the Why Wait Until It’s Too Late campaign for Dela Funeral Insurance. Would love to know how this impacted on business results because it sure as hell impacted on me. You’ll be blubbing like nobody’s business by the end of this one. Sheesh, talk about the power to move people. Sniff.


The Grand Prix went to Immortal Fans from Ogilvy Brasil. So smart. So simple.


It was a really good year for the Draftfcb network, maybe the best ever. Here are some of my favorites:

Mini Driving Dogs from New Zealand – multiple medal winner, including gold

Diary of a Call Girl also from New Zealand – multiple medal winner, including gold

Potable Water Generator from DraftfcbMayo Peru – multiple medal winner, including gold

Sharpie Ultrafine from Draftfcb Chicago – gold in Outdoor

Nivea Solar Charger from Giovanni+Draftfcb in Sao Paolo – Silver in Media

So, there you have it. A glimpse at some of the work that was awarded this week so far. Film and Titanium are still to come so there may be more good news but after to chatting to Alistair King, who is on the panel, I wouldn’t hold your breath. He didn’t seem too excited (coulda been the beer though).

I look forward to talking more about the learnings from this amazing festival. Look out for further tweets from @DraftfcbSA

See you all next week

Au revoir


Brett Morris

Chief Creative Officer


Tw @BrettWrote