Fresh Living Magazine September issue: A new look and feel

Posted: August 15, 2014

Pick n Pay’s best-selling food and lifestyle magazine, Fresh Living, will reveal their brand new look in the upcoming September issue. The refreshed and updated design ensures that the magazine keeps up with the ever changing global food and lifestyle design directions, with small elements creating a more modern and holistic look and feel, to allow for a more pleasurable reader experience.

The new look incorporates design as well as content  updates, and, whilst innovative and moving with the consumer need for change, remains very true to the Fresh Living brand.  The most notable modification for readers will be the magazine’s front cover; a new masthead has been introduced, and the border, that has become an iconic feature of the Pick n Pay brand, has been removed.

“We feel that the new branding Pick n Pay launched in 2007 is now so firmly entrenched in the minds of the consumer that we no longer need to use this design element on our pages.  The border works wonderfully in Pick n Pay’s above-the-line communications but its removal on our cover gives us more visual freedom,“ says editor, Justine Drake.

Fresh Living is a publication that engages with, and listens to, its readers – recent surveys have indicated that today consumers want more recipes, health and wellness content, and with this in mind, there is a greater overall focus on well-being.  Fresh Living will introduce Everyday Heroes, a new feature that will offer a modern, healthy dinner for each night of the week, this will be supported by the very popular On a Shoestring, which comprises five family meals (for a family of 4), including a detailed shopping list, for under R155 a week.

“The new look and feel is better curated, and more modern,” says Drake. Fresh Living has won multiple industry awards, including PICA for ‘Custom Magazine of the Year’