The Friday Street Club works with local tech startups

Posted: June 1, 2015

The Friday Street Club has been working with a number of Cape Town-based tech startups to launch their products and businesses. Spanning wine, music streaming, in-store marketing and social networks, the startups are developing tech that is world-class, and which is being embraced by locals and global users alike.

RECAST is an app that lets listeners access and stream the playlists of radio stations from around the world – without the interruptions of irritating adverts and DJ chatter. e app includes over 200 different radio stations, from around the world. When a station is clicked on through Recast, it shows not only the stations’ 10 most played songs, it also shows a neat visual which breaks down the different genres the stations plays by percentage, allowing users to discover new stations that they may enjoy listening to. It was developed by LabsFM, a small techie dev company, headed up by CT local Richard Oakley.

Recast FM

CREATOR is an social sharing app that allows creative people – photographers, designers, artists and just generally creative people – to share and showcase their work. It was developed by small local digital business, Kingly, and has just won a Bronze at the European Design Awards, one of only three companies to win an award for an app.

PIING was created by local startup, Beaconye. The app is one of the first in South Africa to use iBeacon (or indoor proximity system) technology, a new development in retail shopping which allows retailers to engage customers directly through their mobile devices while in-store or nearby, using Bluetooth Smart tech. Once retailers sign up to the technology, it allows them to engage customers as they walk past, and send them welcome messages and offers on products.


Explore Sideways  is an innovative platform offers a simple, user-friendly centralised booking portal that allows users to discover and book bespoke wineland tour itineraries according to personal interests.The platform addresses the challenges that tourists often experience when organising a Cape winelands tour – primarily the lack of a central set of planning, review and booking tools. Most tours are currently booked manually (by phone email, or even fax), which may well result in a frustrating and confusing experience.

Explore Sideways