Future Sound of Mzansi streaming worldwide on Thump on Vice

Posted: June 1, 2015

Future Sound of Mzansi is being streamed over three episodes on Thump, VICE’s electronic music and culture channel. Thump is screening Future Sound of Mzansi to its two million unique visitors, across nine global channels and with translations into six languages. 

The cult documentary explores the past, present and future of the South African electronic music scene and its multiple genres, presented through the eyes of internationally acclaimed musician Spoek Mathambo and filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba. It was produced by Black Major, with support from Red Bull and WESC.

“Electronic music is a staple of South African popular culture,” says Nthato Mokgata, who is better known by his musical alias, Spoek Mathambo. “The electronic music scene reflects the country’s shifting cultural landscape, 20 years into democracy, so Future Sound of Mzansi isn’t just a film about music – it’s a film about a country in transition.” 

Since premiering at Durban International Film Festival last July, Future Sound of Mzansi has screened around the world,  introducing global audiences to genres like Durban gqom, Shangaan electro, Bacardi house, and township tech. 

“It was a story begging to be told,” says Lebogang. “I was excited about what was happening in South Africa. The energy, the vibe, the creativity was at an all-time high. For me, it was about documenting South Africa in this highly cinematic environment and changing people’s perspectives on what South Africa looks like, sounds like, feels like.” 

The documentary has been featured across the internet, from i-D and Nowness to The Guardian and High Snobiety.

In its review of Future Sound of Mzansi, The Daily Dot wrote, “Arguably, the most interesting music in the world today is coming out of Africa, and some of the most interesting contemporary African music is coming out of South Africa.”

The Daily Dot could have been speaking about any of the artists featured in Future Sound of Mzansi, like Aero Manyelo, Big FKN Gun, Black Coffee, Christian Tiger School, Culoe de Song, Felix Laband, John Wizards, Jumping Back Slash, Krushed & Sorted, Machepies, Markus Wormstorm, Mix & Blend, DJ Mujava, Naked Boys, Nozinja, Okmalumkoolkat, Panyaza, Rude Boyz, Sibot, DJ Spoko, Zaki Ibrahim and many more.

But the documentary isn’t just a PR exercise for South African electronic music: as The Daily Dot points out, the documentary has some “quietly heartbreaking scenes” that “leave you more invested in the musicians as people, playing against the trope of the DJ as hero.”

“When it comes to Africa, I think a lot of portrayals are quite dark and pessimistic, so I wanted to focus on a really vibrant and creative energy,” says Nthato. “I wanted to portray South African youth energy: the raw creativity, the highly technical intelligence, and the beautiful vibrancy, as well as the struggle, madness, drama and frustrations.

Thump will release part three, which focuses on Pretoria and Atteridgeville, on 3 June 2015. 

The full documentary will be available to watch and embed for a limited time from 10 June 2015. 

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What people are saying…

“This whole project oozes quality. You wouldn’t want a documentary about South African electronic music to be directed by anyone else.” The Guardian

“A beautifully documented study of the increasingly diverse electronic scene in South Africa.” i-D

Powerful…  Future Sound shows a country in transition.” Thump

“A beautifully shot and thoroughly curious exploration of the scene and all its people.” High Snobiety

“Since the documentary went out, things have changed… Many people never knew each other before, and it brought everyone together.” DJ Spoko, quoted in Thump

A powerful exploration and interrogation of South Africa’s fertile creative scene.” OkayAfrica

“Beyond being a discussion of the music, Future Sounds of Mzansi interrogates the socioeconomic and geographic realities of South Africa’s legacy of division. It also shows how a generation of creators and innovators is bridging the divides and making the world listen through whatever way is available to them.”
The Mail and Guardian 

“A fascinating insight into South Africa’s cultural landscape via electronic music.”
The South African