‘Getdonzey’ – It’s Wimpy’s Big Burger Deal

Posted: September 5, 2014

It’s time for South Africa to ‘getdonzey’ with Wimpy’s Big Burger Deal, as coaxed by a light-hearted television commercial created specifically to drive the burger promotion by FCB Joburg.

Wimpy marketing executive, Charmaine Ellis, briefed the agency’s creative team to develop a campaign that would encourage consumers to come into an outlet and try the Wimpy Big Deal Burger.

Focussing on Wimpy’s key target audience, executive creative director Jonathan Deeb, creative director Grant Sithole, copywriter Mukondi Ralushayi and art director Nkgabiseng Motau responded with a TV commercial plus a supporting radio spot.

Both executions create appetite appeal and highlight Wimpy’s burger credentials while utilising the sticky language the team developed for the brand, and used extensively in its brand-building and promotional advertising.

Directed by Egg Films, the TVC was predominantly shot in Krugersdorp for the street scenes, while Hungry Films was responsible for all food takes. The jingle was created by TigerFight.

The ad opens on a very excited young adult closing the door to his flat and walking out onto the street. The camera follows him as he nonchalantly begins his journey, and stays with him as he picks up pace. Striding out to a jog before breaking into a sprint, he passes by typical urban street scenes – an electronics outlet, a barber shop, a street vendor whose battery operated bunnies litter the pavement but which he avoids with great aplomb, and a lady selling – rather incongruously – beach balls, sun hats and baskets.

The now familiar Wimpy voice-over artist wants to know where he’s going and why is he in such a rush. As the young man races around the corner beset by the beach balls he unleashes in passing, and slides to a booth in a Wimpy, the answer is clear: ‘Hoooookay, it’s that Wimpy Big Deal Burger’.

You can watch it here.

According to Ellis, the brand’s current position, ‘enjoy every moment’, is reinforced in the execution as ‘moments of wow’ to highlight that there is no set moment in time to enjoy a Wimpy Big Deal Burger; any moment can be a moment of wow, just add the Big Deal Burger.


Client: Famous Brands
Brand: Wimpy
Marketing executive: Charmaine Ellis
Creative agency: FCB Joburg
Key account management: Romaine Mackenzie, Reagen Kok, Mosa Mosalakae
Executive creative director: Jonathan Deeb
Creative director: Grant Sithole
Copywriter: Mukondi Ralushayi
Art director: Nkgabiseng Motau
Strategic planner: Zetu Damane
TV production: Vanessa Borthwick
Media planners: Tashnee Cokayne from Mediashop
Production companies: Hungry Films & Egg Films
Director: Ian Difford & Dani Hynes
Editor: Orchestra Blue
Post-production: Tessa Ford

Note 1: Getdonzey – ‘get down’ as in ‘enjoy the party feeling that burger gives you’