Goodbye and good light: Reflector protector increases pedestrian visibility in townships

Posted: June 26, 2015

In South Africa’s townships, pedestrians are often knocked over or killed at night while walking home from bars and taverns in poorly lit areas.

Edward Snell & Co. Pty Ltd, one of South Africa’s leading spirits distributors, together with Y&R South Africa, set out to try and tackle this problem at the moment when the community members need it most, by repurposing the generic medium of a drinks coaster.

The humble coaster, traditionally and typically used to simply advertise brands, was transformed into a safety reflector that patrons could peel off the surface and stick to their clothing for the walk home. The reflector sticker increased their night visibility dramatically.

Graham Lang, CCO of Y&R South Africa, explains that the ‘Reflector Protector’ is a solution that essentially transforms a coaster into a pedestrian safety device. “The front of the coaster has a simple call to action and barmen and waitresses serve as a promotional team when serving drinks,” he adds.

Y&R South Africa Team Credits:
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Lang
Creative Director: Nkanyezi Masango
Agency Art Director: Wade Barnes, Rowan Foxcroft, Gareth Owen, Mpumi Guliwe, Gareth Cohen
Copywriter: Graham Krige
Art Buyer: Ashleigh Hamilton
Client Service Director: Rowena Fester
Cinematographer: Gareth Place
Production Manager: Rory Bonnes