Growing young leaders

Posted: July 1, 2016

In January 2016, Joe Public introduced the concept of a junior lead executive committee to create more flow and communication between agency levels and to give young leaders the platform to initiate their own growth. The concept was introduced to create a cultural shift and reduce the ‘gap’ between senior executives and staff. The committee, Junior ExecJoe, might be the only committee where there are more pairs of hipster jeans than there are formal suits, but it’s been building fantastic awareness and inspiring new ideas within the agency.

The Junior ExecJoe team comprises eight full-time employees across Joe Public United, made up of various roles across the agency. The group has a clearly defined purpose, which is to truly drive collective consciousness. This is about the entire group realising and living out the businesses core values of Creativity, Excellence, Integrity, Respect and Leadership.

“The Junior ExecJoe aims to facilitate a culture and work space where people can practically be involved in the decision within the business, allowing them to be more personally invested. Ultimately we exist because we want Joe Public to be a place where people love to go to work,” said Sonia Dearling, Chairperson of Junior ExecJoe and Designer at Shift Joe Public.

Serving as a platform to ultimately voice opinions, concerns and ideas and to see them come to life, the Junior ExecJoe team supports and encourages staff to take ownership of their own work culture by also supporting proactive internal initiatives like Joe Reel (documentary evenings); Joe Markets; blood drives and the Joe Library. Further to this are monthly touch-base meetings with the formal Exco team where concerns are also hashed out.

The team aims to inspire all staff at Joe Public to truly take shape and create for themselves the kind of agency that will exponentially grow their potential, which in turn aims to grow clients, as the agency’s purpose is a virtuous circle of growth.

“We believe that Junior ExecJoe plays a key role in the moulding of our agency culture to allow our values to come to life. But, importantly, it also encourages self-growth and empowers every single person at Joe Public, from the most junior to the most senior, to become everything they believe they have been placed here to be,” added Pepe Marais, Chief Creative Officer.