Growth by design for Jet

Posted: October 6, 2015

Iconic South African fashion brand, Jet, recently repositioned itself from Jet Up and Save to “Feel Good Fashion for Everyone”. The strategic design direction and identity was developed by specialist design agency Shift Joe Public, who engineered this new corporate identity to express the brand’s evolution toward a more fashion conscious mindset.

“We embarked on an evolutionary journey of the identity to achieve visually, the new positioning and intrinsics of the brand. Everything we do has to come from the position of strategic design, Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 12.43.57 PMwhich is why we believe that Jet’s new positioning will give us the opportunity to leverage growth for our client,” said Terri-Leigh Blomeyer, MD Shift Joe Public.

“Not only have Jet and Jet Mart stores been part of the social and economic changes that have impacted this country, it has had to adapt and transform with the times. Over the last 10 years, Jet has served the needs of a fast rising segment of South Africa as well as Southern Africa. The new identity leverages off some of the brand’s past equity, while still representing a small revolution for the brand,” said Simone Rossum, Creative Director Shift Joe Public.

“This evolution and positioning, “Feel Good Fashion for Everyone” is rooted in the idea that Jet believes that fashion does not have to be expensive to offer on-trend quality clothing and accessories. It is instead accessible to anyone. It is for the everyday, and of course, it should make you feel good about who you are,” added Blomeyer.

With changes in this segment of the market that move beyond price aspirations, Jet is competing in a category that shares a heightened fashion and lifestyle awareness. In response to these consumer trends, Jet has had to steadily adapt by proposing a range of quality products in line with global fashion trends, without losing touch with value-conscious families.

The Jet Mart extension of the brand, aims to bring Jet’s ability to take customers from not only feel good “style” to but to a feel good “lifestyle”, offering them the best “quality for money” in baby, beauty and home goods.

“The rebrand and updated store design is a public expression of where the Jet brand is headed. The new-look store and bold identity is expected to prove effective in creating greater impact in a busy marketplace; where brand and bottom line growth is our ultimate objective,” says Jet Marketing Executive, Vaneshree Naidu. “Striking a balance between these different aspirations is at the heart of Jet’s value promise: to offer all customers unbeatable value, offering the best quality and fashion at the price everyone can afford.”

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