Hellocomputer driving innovation with Olmeca Tequila

Posted: May 30, 2013

Olmeca Tequila, along with its digital agency Hellocomputer, is once again driving online innovation with its latest campaign, the Olmeca Tequila Ibiza Nights Challenge.

The brief to the agency was to conceptualise and develop a digital campaign that would see a handful of lucky South African consumers winning an once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience in the party capital of the world, Ibiza.

In addition, with the core objective of building equity, education around the Olmeca Tequila product range and growing the eCRM database numbers were a necessity.

Believing that ‘there’s no better way to get people to Ibiza, than to take them there right now’, Hellocomputer conceptualised the Ibiza Nights Challenge, a treasure hunt set on the island of Ibiza.

Hellocomputer - Olmeca - Ibiza - 003_welcome - small

It then developed a bespoke website featuring a customised instance of Google Maps, which has a number of hidden markers on the island. Each marker unlocks a different bottle in the Olmeca Tequila range and, as users unlock each bottle, they get one step closer to standing a chance of winning this amazing experience.

The clues are to be released on the brand’s social and partner channels a few days apart. Armed simply with a clue, the users are prompted to visit the website and enter the Ibiza Nights Challenge.

To ensure that the Ibiza Nights Challenge gets as much traction as is possible, the brand has partnered with a number of leading bloggers and influencers who have the amazing opportunity of travelling to Ibiza themselves along with a member of their audience.

These bloggers will raise awareness about the prize and facilitate the competition mechanic by releasing the clue locations of the hidden Olmeca Tequila bottles via their blogs and social platforms.

Hellocomputer - Olmeca - Ibiza Nights - 011_prizes - small

The partnership between brand and blogger is taken a step further through custom co-branding of the Olmeca Tequila Ibiza Nights Challenge website. Adding to this is the use of Facebook authentication allowing for automatic log in on return to the site and letting them share content seamlessly.

Said Hellocomputer Account Director, Klaus Germann: “The Olmeca Tequila Ibiza Nights Challenge is a fun and engaging means of raising awareness about the brand and its products, and goes a long way to cementing the brand’s positioning as a leader in the nightlife scene.”

Click here to start the challenge now: www.olmeca.co.za.